Working day is hard, and it is boring, especially retired and sit.In order to pass the boring time deserted, detailed wage earners Zhang bought a radio, listen to radio music or something.    One day, Zhang from the radio to hear the details of such a partner notices, Maanshan has a girl called white gold, and his childhood love of literature, like writing prose poetry, cross-world literary friends.Zhang exhaustive tube to know nothing about literature, but then the girl throw the red line, is particularly interested in, then quickly jotted down the girl’s Address.    To friends, is much more contact with the girl.The girl did not leave a contact phone and mobile phone number, to contact the girl, only by writing letters.Write such a letter no laughing matter.Not a little literary talent, do not do dry dry.I have to write eloquent wonderful flower pen, and because romantic, all of a sudden can touch the hearts of girl.However, with this point of his stomach ink children, let alone writing a love letter to the girl, is to give parents a letter is Hanghang Chi Chi, a half-day to hold no more SOYBEAN.How to give a girl throw this red line?Hey, have!Liu Shuwang kid knowledge large, multi stomach ink, word write beautiful, asked him to write, turn a small word, pretty small print of a bright three five rounds Zhunneng Liaodao girl.Yes, I’ll do!    Originally, Zhang and Liu Shuwang detail is a childhood friend who grew up.Persevering is Zhang Long childhood fun, do not like reading, junior high school drop out at the field.Liu Shuwang touches reading the material, but why his mother had cancer, the family spent all their savings, but also owed a few million in debt and had to drop out of school stroked the bar on the hoe.Seeing the earth plane food is not to make money, the two will work together to Cangzhou.    Besides Zhang Long, mind made up, and got friends Liushu Wang, drink two bottles of beer, really Liushu Wang also agreed to give him to write this love letter.However, he could not swallow saliva dog gnawing on a bone dry, the brains in vain, the two speak well, write three letters each, Zhang Liu Shuwang details please eat two trotters children, plus two bottles of beer.    Said write write.Immediately, Liu Shuwang will mobilize all the flash cells in the brain, smooth writing, flower rhetoric, on life, ideals, literature, wrote as many as five manuscript.Letter sent out, you have not seen for a week, the girl wrote back.Wow!That letter was written, and is quite level ah!Quips, maneuvers, reasonable manner, without losing the women’s gentle and witty.Read such a letter, not to mention the ghostwriter of Liushu Wang, and even the beneficiary of Zhang Long, there is always toot sweet water flooded out!    It’s that, were written by the Liushu Wang, thousands of miles away and the girl child connected to the fire, even on the line!    Liushuwangzao O’clock on since high school in a writing of Gao Shou.After dropping out of newspapers and magazines are always unique situation bell, as long as a free, sit down and read a few articles, write a few notes at things like the passage of time, knowledge of literature, has been further consolidate, this time just come in large handy!Girl literary skills are quite thick, and be good at thinking, unique insights, indeed, one aspiring young.So, a love letters, across thousands of miles, travel between the south and Hebei, a bridge of friendship, so stand up.Naturally, Liu Shuwang trotters children eat a lot, drink a lot of beer.Nevertheless, Zhang Long was happy face, happy in my heart.    With the increase in communications, heating, Zhang Long friendship with the girl’s white gold, gradually has been sublimated, unknowingly seed of love in the hearts of the young pair of germination.On this day, the girl a letter, a letter written shy, speech Hebei mountain water good good good, so big she has not been out of it Ma’anshan!Girl’s intention is clear enough, as an excuse, but in reality want to meet her lover!Zhang detailed the moment I do not know is happy surprise, and sometimes not much mind.Liu Shuwang give him ideas that this step is to go sooner or later, as clean water sprinkling Street, loess paving, meet distant girl!    Thus, a passionate love, flew to the southern sections.Sure enough, the girl Ruqierzhi.But see the white pieces girl delicate features, dressed in a white dress, destroyed a beautiful crescent purse, slim, it appears to be very noble beauty.Zhang Ying door girl was detailed, the two began a long-awaited but shy to talk.