1 leaves, and many years ago, covered with branches, again and again in this cycle of season.  exuberant.Eye-catching.Overwhelming green flames.  Prisoner of us who live, has long been imprisoned.  So our skin, lost the most original flame.  2 pick a leaf.  And then pick a leaf.  Woven into a green circle.  Worn on the head, I became the reigns of King.  Your noble blood, in my eyes, quietly drip.  3 side of the mountain, or mountain.  Mountains vigorous gesture, the spread of green cover up.  Misty mist, where is my old house?  I only know that you are the only poem.  4 Fan Chun-sheng summer, autumn and winter yellow fall.  Experienced a winter of waiting, you are a bloom of life.Thy lush green eternal flame, lit the boys and girls how much passion.A quietly from insects, searching for their destination.  Your soft, broad-minded, there is be tolerant to diversity tolerance.  Receiving a bird of happiness insects, also accommodated all of my thoughts.  5 wind suddenly began to surface in your body, float to the surface layers of ripples.  All sounds are stalled.  Green leaves, is the only color this summer.  Those start to shop, like a burning flame green sea.  6 Busy.vulgar.Seoul Yu.Just teasing.  This is not a poetic era.  Even the green of life, and have lost some vigor this.  Just Erotic full spectrum of flirtatious gesture, to hide his pallor.  .I wrote you on paper, mind you want.  Imagine the afterlife, turned into a free Insects.  Wang Yang nestling in your arms.