He lit a stick of incense hands together in front of the Buddha pious, zealous comfortable open.  I went back to Lotus Taiwan, Buddhist sitting..Eyes closed, your breath, thoughts, a worldly passing by, and disturbing signs such as Kiyoshi ablation, residual cold at the heart of a stranger!  Smoke and dust of the past, shrouded in incense flashing, the convergence of the coveted Red purple street, such as the lotus of the heart with the beat of Fine, echoed each other.Since then, the bell Drum idea, leisurely ran aground mundane fireworks.Buddha, infinite Wisdom heart at ease, natural body language silent movement.  Buddha said, breaking all the obsession, as Ching supreme being of pure mind, able to fruition!  I do not know, Xi mouth covered with dust filtration familiar move the soul “Compassion”, a tear, a silent glide.Burning with pain to the extreme heart, his thoughts about the sad memory of Man, had grievances and misunderstanding in burning incense in silence sparse.Without any excuse to say goodbye, clear sky also is free and easy.Face down posture, also with the edge of cause and effect.  Clean smelling sandalwood dense, very tactful, sober, Enron.The ultimate beauty of style, turned out to be bright and clean of heart, indifferent.What is the purely aesthetic feelings, chaos had developed results.  Flowers and silence fell again feelings of regret, only vague silence.  Qingyu were the prelude to abandon eyes in the Jueao, grievances, but also do not want to damp the spirits!  Burning a stick of incense, clear understanding of the signs of pain, turned into ashes falling flowers.