— Han Guomin impression literary friends remember the Spring Festival, a national and a collection of poems “inner flame” published.Carefully read his poetry was boiling hot, eyes could not help Tiaodang a clump of burning flames, flames that Huhu long, dancing in the wind, like a bunch of ice through the aurora, suddenly the sky bright open, then drift into a brilliant fireworks.    This should be left to me to be a national poetry in the text of a deep impression.The eyes of the citizens, in calm fills passion, solemn in the sediment of thinking, always a thin gas of gas appearance, but full of vitality and passion continue to dream.He scattered with the nature of life, like a field full of natural flavor, drift with the fragrance of crops and weeds.    Know the name of national, it was in the year 2000.I was in a village middle school, often read his articles in the press, very admire his talent and hard work, knowing that the same teacher he taught in Masan, but it has never met.    In spring 2000, I transferred in Cape Department of Education to help UNESCO.One morning near the work, the office walked a thin body, thin face young man.He said the school let him pay part material.I saw that Masan II materials, and asked if he knew Han Guomin.He said, I am.My eyes suddenly light up, suddenly encountered a mind like old friends, suddenly welled up in his excitement and joy.I gave him a dig smoke, gave him tea, then a small crack with, we started talking to the smoke-filled.After that I became the national good friends, our friendship, like the more deeply buried in the cellar of the old days Mi Hong.    National fond of literature, as a season of love with boys favorite girl.His dream literature, is lit up in the early nineties during normal school.Then Nanyang Second Division active in a group of boys and girls love of literature, which is a national.That is the poetic Zither Love, nationals of an article published in the blackboard campus, or hand carved mimeographed tabloid transfer classmates.Later nationals as a magazine editor, writing more strenuously invested in more than editing the manuscripts, published debut in 1991, the eve of normal school he has been “Nanyang Daily”, “Solar Rain Poetry Daily”, “Monica”, “China Youth Daily “,” university student poet, “Henan radio and other newspapers published articles more than 20 articles, has become sought after by students on campus poet.After normal school, he was assigned to the National Qiliping rural primary schools Huangshahe.It was a remote mountain village primary school, transport facilities, lack of information.After school, the teachers and the students had gone home, leaving a national of an empty school, alone and lonely, like insects Kenshi his heart.Schools do not read books and newspapers, the only cultural life, is listen to the radio broadcast is not timely, read it occasionally sent his published works have sample issues.At night, the National lit kerosene lamps, lamp in yellow halo of creation, his own loneliness, ideals, love and teaching of complex written that poem Changchangduanduan.Morning, the National woke up early, sitting on a pitch-black stones outside the campus, waiting for the broadcast relay.Winter wind Leng, nor his desire frozen.He understood from the broadcast with the wonderful world outside, savoring those believers literary masterpiece, when they heard his poetry broadcast on radio or radio, he often excited jumping on the rocks, which they will sounded tears.    Hard life, to be the strong stronger, the weak to be more cowardly.In that difficult time, the national poetry in the Kingdom’s worked hard, his pen stopped working, gradually becoming a remarkable rookie who.At that time, held a literary Nanyang PEN, the late famous writer Zhou Yi and the other teachers to participate in a timely manner to inform him, often encouraged him to write, now also national treasures and treat them like saving the teacher’s letter.Later nationals out of the mountains, went to several schools to teach to the county Board of education secretary, to Man United job.Recalls these events, citizens always irrepressible tears poured out, he compared himself to a country road covered with weeds, from the mountains into the shallow hill, into the plains from shallow mountain, from the plains into the city.The move is the location, change of work, the same is he tempting lingering in poetry.    Birds of a feather flock together.I nationals are like-minded lovers of literature, language and share a common pursuit.After self-awareness, together we always look forward to becoming, talk about literature become a topic of most interest to us.We often meet together, or in the shabby homes, recalling past writing experience, exchange reading experience, experience of creation; or go wild for a walk, watch the seasons, to know folk customs; or to tourist attractions, enjoy Qingshanxiushui, pick odd flowers and grass.One morning in the spring and early summer of that year, I and several other friends as well as national, went to Mashan Yun Lu Mountain.We walked along the dirt road, marching leaves, climbing climbing, sightseeing talk about the text, spread all the way to laughter, kindness overflowing mountain.The next day after home, I wrote “Overnight Lu Yun Villa”, included in the 2002 “Chrysanthemum village Chant,” a book.Since then, my prose “light yellow and leaves” by the National modify the recommendation, but also “Gonggeng” magazine published.    For several years, I encouraged each other with national, literature farther and farther on the road, and walked into a piece of a new world.National more out of a string of achievements in the “Green Wind”, “Muse”, “Shi Lin”, “Poets,” “Star Poetry”, “youth poetry”, “Northern Literature”, “Tokyo Literature” Philippines “Daily”, Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” and other overseas more than 60 newspapers published poetry, essays, literary criticism nearly 300, published “the other side of the dream,” “inner flame” two collection, also with the county tourism development, as “picturesque Baotianman” and “into Baotianman canyoning” two album with poetry writing and become Chinese Poetry Society, Henan Province writers Association, and was awarded in 2001 magazine “youth poetry” named “new century poet Laureate” award, in Nanyang, Henan poetry and even has its own place.    In recent years, swept the literary impetuous and “illusion” Let the bones beloved national hardship uneasy literary outsider puzzled and frustrated teasing him – is to adhere to or abandon, after experiencing a painful struggle he decided choose love.National says in his book, “God is not painful, because we can only see his back; praying under the Cross, sufficient to show that life is painful journey.Closed world, independent of the mind, we live far from the surface of scenery.’Disarmament, demobilization and throw helmets’ in the comfort of total human candlelight also true original.Those pain and love, pain and joy to those, those fluctuations of the mind, those expressing Xu Xu, perhaps the real life.”Whether this can be seen as a large deep understanding of national life, the world around, and as seen through life, he became more calm and relaxed – and stick to their inner quest, In the tumult of life stage live out the true.    Flame of national poetry, is not always extinguished.In his chat, I saw him uneasy expression, heard the helpless sigh.Often talk about poetry, he always said: “Having a poetic heart, will gain a true multi, one good, one US, at least do not want to make money and become the soul of evil minions, running in the interests of and Happy Valley floor trading.”Thought nationals, pulling his behavior, but also inspired me to fight.We encourage each other in and out of the fetters of worldly troubles, as always, the pursuit of sacred literature as a spare.    After a period of contemplation and pains after mid-2006, the creation of a national heart flame and strong together, works in a number of newspapers published one after another.February this year, the Writers Publishing House launched a new “heart of flame” This collection.Collection consists of three parts “echo earth”, “soul candles”, “Poetic Landscape” component.”Earth Echo,” a collection of major national poetry in recent years, was invited to recite some of the party’s creation, poetry healthiness, close to reality, describes the fiery reality, expressed his concern and Acura era.”Soul candles”, recorded the rhythm and soul of the national mentality, and describe their pain in the hearts and love, pain and joy, reflecting the real life.”Poetic Landscape” is a painting with poetry, by Baotianman mountain, stone, trees, water, flowers, grass and other things highly condensed depiction, showing another poetic and beautiful life.    And “the other side have a dream” compared to the “heart of flame,” the prominent feature is a breakthrough open up the subject of poetry from his usual “classical romantic” style shift to focus on real life, the poetic text style has undergone a qualitative Variety.This brings me joy to see the creation of a national information brings, he has begun to gradually awakening as a mature poet, out of the circle express minor personal or small, with a thick, practical-minded look at the big stage of life, take on a poet should have consciousness and responsibility, gradually revealing the atmosphere, vigorous tolerance.At the same time, he always inherited his ethereal poetry, dancing artistic beauty, rich imagination to melt into the image, creating an extraordinary beauty of reading.Nature ordinary stone, trees, flowers, grass, his eyes are with Emmanuel’s life, he opened the doors of imagination, with a clean and bright ribbons as soft language, so those things came in a little guilty, become subtle ethereal poetry song after another, otherworldly feel to savor the poetic and beautiful, by washing the minds and hearts of.    I like the “inner flame” the name, this is the heart of the national mentality portrayal, but also his inner flame of poetry leaked.”Earth echo” of emotional expression was more straightforward, like a string of red, bloom Zhangzhang Yang Yang.”Soul candles” and “Poetic Landscape” in the emotional expression more tactful, like pomegranate, shame shy astringent bloom, but they are vigorous march like that, so that readers both in cold and windy winter, or the scorching sun of summer They are as roasted at the fire of passion, the whole body warm.    The “warm” if the answer can be found from the national “Xinyu”, the national title page anthology say – “Just open your eyes, the earth is always full of life; as long as love life, there is always a heart song.Blossom in the world, the era of vigorous, colorful life, always make me not suppress his urge to.May have hoarse voice, but alive, we must sing, to the gratitude for the love, to the praise and bear in mind, as with all good good intentions, but also for the life is so ephemeral.”As a friend, I sincerely offer blessings nationals, nationals willing hearts forever gushing flame of fire, he is willing to brave the climb towards the temple of poetry, it belongs to the fragrance of flowers planted his dedication Dream.