March 14, 2012, we Qinghai Radio and Television “days” column group went to the province Tu Autonomous County interviewed “optimist pyrography” artist Yan Xing division.When the teacher saw Yan Xing, he is concentrating on the creation of his own studio, leisurely look askew, envy.Looking around the division Yan Xing studio, hung his pyrography works on the walls, there are portraits, landscapes, animals of pyrography.Lifelike characters, landscapes mood distant, quiet and serene sitting Buddha, the reunion of mother and child cried, feeding the eagle eyes sharp, eat noodles old man leisurely demeanor, in such an artistic atmosphere, our heart has been shocked.    He iron pen to fire as ink, with an electrocautery pencil plot trace dark brown painted in Werkhart board the wood surface, a sum, draw a picture depicting the iron.Say swipes ink, paper, Dan, when we look at a picture of vivid wonderful picture drawn with a soldering iron, who would have thought the artist was actually a disabled person unconscious body from the chest down it?    Division Yan Xing’s father division Cunzhi talk through his son’s disability, can not help but sigh.15 years old, Yan Xing division when watching students playing badminton racket breaks, club inserted into the right cheek injury.The club was taken out, but he lost all feeling in the lower extremities, a 15-year-old child all of a sudden, and it was into the abyss of life.”I lay in bed for two years, back long bed sores, urine can not take care of themselves, feel is a waste, suicide several times, I can Yama refused to close.”Division Yan Xing said, is the love of parents regain his will to live, the mother in her own way daily medication to cure his bedsores.His father wanted him to do everything possible to be more self-reliance.At first, his father let him learn to practice calligraphy, let him lighten the burden of thinking.However, practice a few days later, he felt unwilling to write calligraphy, also discarded.In 1996, he engaged in cultural work division Cunzhi father and bought a brush, knife, hoping his son on the bed looking for something to do.In his father’s help he began to learn carving jade rock sugar, after school for some time, because jade dust too, but he could only crawl sculpture, which for his health impact, and finally had to give up.When the board began to learn sculpture, he has had to carve a preliminary basis, because of his paraplegic to climb every day in the wood carving, and large pieces of wood it is difficult to move around by themselves, however, with their perseverance, he carved in his father’s help for the family of a TV cabinet, took a year to complete.Such large pieces for him, it is very difficult to operate.When it comes to iron painting, his father said, he had seen iron painting, want their children to give it a try, because for a long time in bed not make the child more mental state, his father bought electric iron, took a board let him try iron painting.Learn from the initial sketch, painting, doing wood carving.Xing Yan teacher found a fun creative poker in just 17 years old he began painting self-iron.Then gradually cooperate with medical treatment, get out of bed riding on a wheelchair, his artistic career also began.    Division Yan Xing love to draw, he said: “The artists have seen on television holding a soldering iron painting on wood, I tried several times, I felt this is very interesting.”.But for him, the self-creation of sad iron painting can be imagined.At first, because of the way unskilled, the creation, not less heat, is to be burned iron hand, because of the intensity of control is not good, a lot of time to draw the focus to bake.Again and again failed, so he was very discouraged, sometimes against his failure painting paintings random point soldering iron, did not expect a miracle happened, because different force to his paintings is injected vigor, which makes the extension division Xing is very excited, he all of a sudden there has been a confidence.So he began to collect all kinds of pictures, after study, he mastered the art of pyrography creation.He said that poker was developed as in the original decorative painting on the basis of today’s portraits, animals, landscapes, flowers, birds, fish and insects and other subjects of painting, Chinese painting has a hook, Le, dyed, cracked, rubbing and other practices , in Hing Yan division on the basis of these techniques as well as their innovation, such as in painting animals when the animals in order to make the painting more vivid lifelike, after repeated experiments with his smoky ways to make painting more the vigor and vitality.He broke through pyrography may run dry insufficient, so that his poker could be like painting, oil painting, dry, wet, thick, pale divided to form a poker school teacher Yan Xing own unique style, enriches the charm pyrography, he put the original bland wood, processing portrayed as a work of art.He also own tools pyrography also conducted a number of experiments and reforms, when the electric iron is very heavy, the temperature is less than the requirements of paint, electric iron to do research, he did a lot of bad material, because of family only the father of a person’s wages Moreover, parents also sick.The family can imagine the difficulties, however, in order to support his son’s painting, father or try to help him, now that he has developed a soldering iron light and clever features, and iron with copper top made of rugged surface conducive cracked during painting, brush, he also used the regulator, high and low temperature can be adjusted, so light and clever electric iron as fast as a brush to paint on the board.Division Yan Xing said he developed the electric iron ready to apply for patent.    Xing Yan division because of his disability had very low self-esteem, he said, did not learn poker to pass the time, just to play for the purpose, I did not expect after so many years of hard effort, but changed his destiny, to realize their artistic dreams.From beginning to learn poker and now has gone through ups and downs than a decade, in the last ten years he created a number of paintings of various iron to one hundred.In 2009, he created the “White Manjushri” and “Dzambala” is the Provincial Museum officially as authentic collection.At the same time, many of his works have won awards in art competitions both inside and outside the province.2010 was also awarded two honorary title of folk craftsmen Qinghai Province.Xing Yan division in 2010 with their skills and work into the Shanghai World Expo, the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion sun life style Qinghai different kind of people with disabilities, he and other artists with disabilities has been cordially received by Qiang Wei, secretary.He is the author of “Wilderness Treasures” and “bird” is the Expo Hall Collection.2010 Nian September 16 to September 20 Shanghai World Expo during the Week Qinghai, Shi Yan Xing creation of “family”, “Fun”, “Music” and 34 iron painting works in the talent show activities at home and abroad to visit those wide acclaim.These works of art demonstrating the great beauty scenery of Qinghai and Turkish folk culture, as well as two poker Thangka collection this year is Beijing Lama Temple, Thangka is pyrography two mutual aid County Museum Collection.    32 year old teacher Yan Xing Although physically disabled, but he used his passion, with efforts to make up for the lack of body.In 2001, the division Yan Xing learned the Internet, so he will have a broader vision to peer learning technology, but also through open shop selling iron painting, he said, when his painting online at a price of $ 30 after sold, even though the photograph of the works failed to recover the costs, but that happiness can not be expressed in words.Many users think that being a man of his illness full of enthusiasm for art works infiltrate a kind of positive connotation.Unexpected face, the face of disability, can maintain such a positive attitude, it is so that we admire, when he used the Internet network called optimist, so everyone with his screen name to his painting called “optimist branded painting”.So far this year, Shi Yan Xing has received orders for 10 million.”By the thirties, I was finally able to support their parents.”Yan Xing division, said he is still online with the two students, to teach his unique skills through online video poker optimist.    Optimist division Yan Xing is the way to overcome unimaginable difficulties, the achievements of a career, to achieve their life values.From him, we see the struggle of people with disabilities confidence, people with disabilities, people with disabilities progress, see him laugh at life’s open-minded and persistent.    Legend, Phoenix Nirvana 500 years a rise from the ashes.Flame Phoenix nutrients, when the end of Phoenix’s life, it will be set to self-immolation Indus branches, new life in the fire, its plumage is more abundant, it’s clearer sound, it’s more penetrating look.Phoenix after experiencing the test of pain and suffering fire, reborn, rebirth and achieve sublimation, the descendants of this story symbolizes defying the pain, threw, constantly seeking to improve the self-dedication.The division Yan Xing obsession with pyrography art, as well as his dedication to face the ups and downs of life perseverance, precisely coincident with this famous story.    Behind his success, his parents made sacrifices are many, and when his parents to chat, all emotion, said his father, if my child is not a disability, my child was a normal child, so, like my age when he should be old age, when.He said that there is a world of snow, the customer ordered a painting, there is no material to paint the house, then, the old father his bicycle ran into the street to bring back material, he said, often to help his son in the snow among the procurement of materials It is common.Do a good job of painting but also helped painting, custom-made painting also went to the post office sent out, the old father’s heart with emotion makes us feel very touched, because at the time we interviewed, his old father told us this episode.Perhaps, life among the unexpected things will always happen, perhaps should be a “heaven any man, must keep their bones, suffer their aspirations,” what it means.God seems endurance test of perseverance and Xing Yan teacher of life.His long stay at home, threw himself into the creation pyrography.His unique perspective of each painting, great artistic value and collection value.    Because poker decades, his disability waist down more problems.Before our interview, hydronephrosis due to hospitalization, illness also often tortured him.    He said that in addition to outside upstairs to see their parents every day, all painted in the studio.However, when we go out to see him on the third floor to see their parents when that turned out to be difficult, opened the door, one hand and a cane, a wheelchair struggling to get up to return the house, locked the door, one hand leaning on stair railing, start upstairs.Ordinary people do not need much time on the third floor, and he even spent ten minutes.Looked at his determination and confidence, let us present were tears.He said he had only to put his art in the world, only the physical discomfort and suffering indifferent.    14 years, constantly exploring and creative process, Luo Hua Xing Yan teacher skills matured, by colleagues of all ages and endorsed.Pyrography works he created its own unique style: masculine but the vicissitudes of life, simple and elegant, thick yet light and agile; characters extremely vivid, fantastic.Xing Yan teacher told us that the performance of the animals is the strength of his art pyrography.He was on the board “burn out” animals, modeling is not only interesting, and also workers also write, density has caused.We see in the painting room division Yan Xing also mostly works his fur animals, lifelike, stunning.His paintings make people enjoy the beauty of life in the aesthetic pleasure in.His artistic achievements of pyrography unique charm with perseverance, enthusiasm iron fire.Maybe fate like an invisible iron, and those unforgettable lines, was once a witness by his dream.In every ray of fireworks burning iron, the division will continue to portray Xing Yan color.    I think carefully, everyone’s life there are many difficulties and failures, but that is only a bunch of uncoordinated vibrato years in.Through diligence and hard work, still can play the sound of pleasant life movement is, it will also win the enthusiastic applause!Although they suffered a blow because of the catastrophe, but in a beautiful spring division Yan Xing still played the music of life, to sing their most beautiful songs!He created the poker like Phoenix Nirvana, to showcase the brilliant Fang- after the long-suffering!    We think optimism is the calm after the disappointment, optimism is plain self-confidence, optimism is unyielding after setbacks, optimism is difficult hardship of calm.Who owns optimistic, we will have a perspective of life’s eyes.It is our interest to delay the division of revelation here.Today, parents’ desire is that one day he can stand up, and we hope that one day the division Yan Xing able to stand up, have their own lives, but also their own happiness!Because countless ordinary day make up a colorful life, it is also composed of countless days of this splendid world.We wish division Yan Xing have their own brilliant life!