A man named Zheng toad solitary old man, his three meals a day to drink wine, wine you’ll feel, we must curse, Mashui?Others do not curse, curse specially pickpockets.  It turned out that three years ago, his wife was seriously ill, bedridden.Zheng toad old man around the house only a pig sold to collection stations, in exchange for a hundred and eighty dollars, pounds, said his wife wanted to orange, touched pockets, one hundred eighty yuan this life-saving money gone up.  Zheng old man Sanghunluopo toad back home, penniless, unable to put his wife to hospital.Keep for three days and nights, until the doctor arrived, accompanied by the village cadres Zheng old toad home, Zheng aunt had water does not enter, dying.  Toss into the middle of the night, the fatigue life of a good woman not rescue came, he died in his bed broken wooden hut.  Although doctors to console him: Zheng aunt is suffering from advanced liver cancer, let alone one hundred eighty yuan saving money, is filled with gold and silver mines can not Miaoshouhuichun.However, Zheng toad old man always felt sorry for his wife.This hardy woman sick and even the threshold of the hospital also failed to step into it.Blame it?Strange that unconscionable pickpocket.Therefore, he scolded a curse for three years.  On this day, the old man yelled Zheng toad was in full swing, the door came a man sneaking flash.I saw that it was his baby nephew Hou Xiaoli.  Hou Xiaoli foot like GPR wildly grinding step by step to the side of the old toad Zheng, dropped his hands, called out neatly: Lao Niangjiu.Uncle did not wait for the answer, he tightened his shoulder, tentatively Q: Do you still call that old pickpocket?  I called pickpocket, off you Pishi small apes!Zheng toad white old man looked up at him, a black wooden chopsticks and take their food being put on the table a shot toward.  Hee hee, Lao Niangjiu, please do not get angry old.Really not Xiangman, then pickpocket steal your bills, not others, that is, is that you do not live up to expectations that the little nephew.  What, are you turned pickpocket!Lao Niangjiu eyes widened blood-red cow eggs.He beheld from scratch feet, looked thin.  No, you can not be absolutely.Zheng toad know the old man, though not learn this nephew, steal the East West touch, inferiority do not change: But how could the pro-uncle reached into his pocket it.  Ah yo yo, this ‘pickpocket’ and not a title of honor, noble title; I did not steal your money, why bother to grab yourself a scratched his head lice do l said, he took out a pile of money from broken jacket pocket: Well, Lao Niangjiu, where one hundred eighty yuan of illicit money, I give you restitution, an apology to you.Then, a ninety bow respectfully.  Zheng Hou Xiaoli toad see the old man out of the bill there is also sandwiched a white note, reaching out over a look, it turned out to be a receipt of the invoice Maizhu.  Ah, you really will be!Zheng old toad holds the invoice, mouth affects rustled, a blank stare.  You, or an individual right?Grilled dare take your aunt’s ‘lifeline’?Zheng toad old man grabbed the Houxiao Li chest pocket, a pair of burning eyes boring into him, raised his hand would go towards him fight.  Hou Xiaoli did not wait Lao Niangjiu raised his hand, to take the initiative, footed, beat up their ears, while scraping cursing: I deserve to die, I’m shameless!I am not a man, I’m a beast!I am a wolf dressed in human skin, I was eating people do not spit the bones are the devil Hou Xiaoli beat up their ears, with their hard exaggeration, an excited outer courtyard came Tap Benedict gently knock on the door, tight then came a timid girl voice: is anybody here?  Zheng toad old man opened it, it really is a slim, great looking young girl.This girl is shy, blushing, twitching lips, actually trained, trained to cry.A long while, her head low, gently admitted: ripping your old one hundred eighty dollars, and none other than I.  Ah, a man not yet closed pickpocket, thief and a woman to emerge, which might make the old man made a difficult Zheng toad.He looked back, his own nephew do not know when that baby slipped away.His one hundred and eighty dollars still squarely on the table.  Zheng toad old man had put the girl to go to the house.The girl entered the room and saw Zheng Aunt Ling-tai, toward the past, on my knees, burst into tears, sobbed and said: good aunt, all my sins, I stole uncle’s’ Help money ‘, killed your old, I, today I come to you to plead guilty.  Zheng toad old man holds her up, through cross-examination, just know this girl named Shi Mei Jue, who lives in the town.Mei Jue girl put the crime, where, before and after the process is told in great detail, clearly, so that they can not help but believe that the old man Zheng toad.  Just when Zheng toad old man does not understand, she took out a white handkerchief from the charming little bag.Unlock the handkerchief, which is uniform stack of $ 10 note.  Table hundred and eighty dollars, Zheng toad has not put away the old man; this strange girl and sent it a lot of money, how dare cross the old man Zheng toad.He hastened his hands to push the panic live, stammered: girl, you, you, you must mistaken people.I know my bill Grilled definitely not you, but another very disappointing toad boy Zheng old man would not finish, Mei Jue girl’s face became pale brush.She was surprised to Dengyuan pair of watery eyes, lips even more non-stop Dousuo.She desperately shouting: I really, I really, no uncle others, you do not wronged a good man elderly!  She suddenly realized his gaffe, after a little calm, and gently fill a few words, Zheng Dabo, I was a girl, how do thieves themselves wronged no reason!The past three years, really tortured my heart could not bear, I just gave disgrace, come to an apology.If you are elderly people can forgive me, put this money quickly accept it!Zheng Mei Jue girls see the old man would not take toad, put the stack of bills on Zheng Aunt Ling-tai, but also against the portrait of Zheng Aunt draped crepe respectfully knock three ring head, Zheng old toad from her sincere statement see that she is not a bad girl, and asked: how would you do it pickpocket?This girl slowly tells the whole story about it: the girl in the town in recent years in fashion: engagement photographs, to be hung in the neck a gold necklace.At that time, Mei Jue girl still unemployed youth, there is no way of making money next to the road, had received a number of pillowcases, day and night tracing embroidery, tired Yaosuanbeiteng, managed to accumulate a sum of money.However, she went to jewelers, not even the heaviest and lightest necklace can not buy back.She wanted to have girlfriends when engaged golden necklace, only the root of her neck was empty, how can she afford to collapse this stage it!Girlfriends born thin beak tongue, more than a glib, she certainly would ridicule in every possible way, it drifted become the.Therefore, she moved to steal the idea, picking up the old man’s money toad Zheng.  Here the girl shed tears of remorse.Until the girl left in tears, Zheng old man has not yet come to understand toad.He really thought he was drunk, dreaming in broad daylight.However, rubbed his eyes and see a pile of money on the table, Lingtai is a pile of money, I just really came to believe that two young men consider themselves pickpocket.This is: a surprising thing every year, how this thing more rare.Zheng toad old man was also stripped away the money, his wife died, scolded a full three years, pickpockets did not show up, nor even the thief grabbed a plush.Now, all of a sudden a man and a woman emerge two pickpockets, one after the other two pens return the stolen money, which must be a fake one true.Not to mention that he really, why the fake pickpocket thief door admission refund it?Here are strange given.