Qin Dynasty, due to the brutal rule of the Qin Dynasty, local farmers have revolted against.208 BC, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu confluence of two teams, jointly recommended the grandson of the grandson of the king do.The army earthquake.Then.The original was destroyed in Thailand Wei, Zhao, Yan, Han and other countries, also took the opportunity to restore the uprising and formed a Fan Qin and Chu alliance.Emperor Qin Hu Hai hurriedly dispatched troops to the country to quell.Qin Zhang Han led 200,000 troops.Attack Zhao, Zhao siege on the Julu.Zhao hurried to help Chu.Song Yi Chu then sent the coach to do.Xiang Yu was once the leading troops to rescue Zhao.But in no hurry to rush to the rescue Song Yi Zhao, Zhao Qin he intends to let the two sides played a lose-lose, then attack, from which the winner to save power.With troops moving slowly, to the place Anyang.Also we stopped to rest 46 days.Xiang Yu worried.Song Yi Mao arrived several times to persuade deer engaged in Thailand, but was refused Song Yi.He angrily to Song Yi killed, captured military power.He sent the cable to lift the cloth and Pu led 20,000 troops and horses, the surging tide of Zhangshui.Julu straight, and Qin confrontation, only won a small victory.Under repeated requests support Zhao, Xiang Yu led the army crossed the Zhangshui, ready to fight to the death and Qin.  Qin Xiang Yu saw many men.Morale Masamori.To defeat the powerful Qin, will surely think of a good job tactics.So he ordered the soldiers to cut through all the ferry, sank underwater; again march cooking pot also shattered, with three days of dry food per person.In this case, there is no escape route, not much food, do not defeat the enemy, will die.Chu soldiers were passionate inspiring, encourage each other, everyone is born into the hold, back then die determination, going forward.  Two armies met brave victory.Qin Although many men, but also secure against live to die and determination of Chu.After fierce bloody battle several times, Qin finally collapsed.Xiang Yu is such a drastic “measures to stimulate the morale and defeat powerful enemies.  People with the most drastic enlightenment metaphor firm determination of no retreat.When Levin achievements of a career, you should know whether to study or work are like riding a boat behind, and only keep making progress, unswervingly sprint to the target in order to achieve the final success.