“When advised Jun Mo Xi burial clothes, advise you to take pity teenager, flowers worthy to be straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches” – a burial clothes in the world there are so many stories to miss some mistake again.In fact, every reason to miss the next are expecting, as I and Xiamen.  One of this country’s most beautiful campus, I imagine it’s the picture: Spring, sitting on a vast playground, bathed in the warm sun, white clouds overhead watching quietly drifting into the distance.Summer, can pass through the long corridor, next to a red brick and gray tiles classrooms, hallways waves of cool wind blowing, and occasionally make a return to the dream girl’s Republic of China.Fall, the campus was covered with red flowers, always careful, petals silence fell on him.Winter, watching the reflection of the lake, quiet but not desolate, windblown ripples of the lake, slightly rippling…  Phoenix flowers have not opened, I have come.  Xiamen University was founded by patriotic overseas Chinese Tan Kah Kee in 1921, after experiencing the first two periods, renamed “Xiamen University”.When we stand in front of the West, we will be able to see engraved on a large gate four eye-catching characters, which is derived from a letter in the handwriting.  After ninety years of trials and vicissitudes of Xiamen, still graceful, poetic and inspirational.  Mr. Tan Kah Kee statue standing in front of the building Qunxian.Mr. Tan Kah Kee independent schools maintain more than ten years, the world economic downturn overseas Chinese enterprises to give a heavy blow to the face of a difficult situation, Mr Tan Kah Kee firmly sell industry to maintain large school buildings.That if Mr. Xiamen today, it must frankly pleased, Hanxiaojiuquan.  Mr. Wise floor behind, is the first group of buildings at the beginning of the school Xiamen, Xiamen is also the earliest buildings.Western-style building body, and Roman-style pillars promenade, with Nanyang style of brackets and cornices, some people say they “wear a suit to wear hats,” implies dissatisfaction Overseas Chinese bullying powers, the East will overwhelm the West of the faith.That closed the window behind an ocher red paint, and also whether there is a girl wearing a blue gown, her chest waist dropped two tails, she was gently opened the window and looked.Perhaps she was holding books alone walk slowly in this quiet long corridor, and finally slowly disappeared at the end of the corner.She is with Xu Guangping the same wise mind and radical ideas, or the same as Juan, is still suffering from the shackles of feudal families and thought, hovering at the crossroads obey the fate?What a lightweight time everything had been taken away, and joy, sorrow, we are always learning and experiencing the loss of farewell.That is not a dying already in full bloom Love, perhaps you dream of regret in my heart forever?  Yonghe three years, Li spring day, man of letters, pipa.Wang, “Preface” said “Wise to less salty set length”, named after this floor Wise.Truly, Qunxian building tells the story of a section of history, a string of familiar names.A more “Lu Xun Memorial Hall”, which is the only one built in the campus of the University of Lu Xun Memorial Hall.Lu Lin Yutang who have been invited to go to this teaching.During the Xiamen University, he founded the journal to help students to encourage young creative.And he and Xu Guangping letters also more than half of this book, these letters like the warm southern wind, a love nourished.After finishing, letters are included in the “two books.The original letter “in Years later, we can still read in the galleries topic.Although Lu Xun in Xiamen just over a hundred days, eventually broke up.But after the Xiamen people still remember him and intercept the “Xiamen University” From these letters, engraved on top of Simon.  Everything seems to complete the.Lu Xun’s side more than just a Juan.This and Zhang Youyi has a somewhat similar experience, but a woman can not become Zhang Youyi.In the era of dramatically changing how many huddled in the corner of the soul, it also eager to have a pair of outstretched hand, with his own step by step into the light where?If not peers, it also can leave me a warm smile remember?  ”Among every quiet, always hidden grief of the call sign; behind every forgiveness, there is always spilled the blood of the earth; every once accepted, but also to go through a painful loss.”.  We are all little people like the dust of history, we still have to strive to out their own flowers in the dust, as had the life, is not dependent on others, even if eventually vanished.    Xiamen winding field is the most beautiful playground.  Here facing the sea, such as gas rainbow.  It is said that there was a practice of Zheng Chenggong navy Yanwu field.  1650, Zheng Chenggong to take into Xiamen, garrison guarding, in order to compete Qing court, Kuang Fu Ming.Xiamen has become its future to recover the island an important base.  Way back when, the public in this Zheng, Yang rallying so, thousands of camp a call.Long Beach shore, air swallowing like a tiger.”Italian newspaper monarch gold table, guide and support Dragon King and die”, only sigh, not yet old age hero, but deep inside foreign aggression shame, regret and finally prime end.Last days, Zheng also reminded the public whether over here, think of their valiant and heroic, that is how flying with pride!  Like the clouds scud across the sky, thunder wrath, everything is gone.The only constant is the head of this piece of the sky.  Winding field bleachers like a hook, like a crescent crescent.  ”String” Moon song, such as eyebrow, no reunion Italy.  Gao Xiaosong had this personal feelings wrote “same table for you,” a song popular in the north and south moment.Gao Xiaosong ushered in a new starting point for the cause, and therefore unless some affair.  Years later, there are still young people wrote this song because the hearts of emotion “when I was the most powerless, but most want to meet the person’s life to take care of.”.  Poly also loose leaves, determined like unintentionally.There are people who prefer to stay in the memory of the dead, not looking around the scenery, not to the past again.  Glimpse just hurry, just quiet good time, so he was silent.  One after another on the green and bright laughter Frisbee, track and field running silently figure, as well as visitors leave the stands Kumi.  I think the far north, think of the empty playground, think of the dormitory hallway clothes flapping in the wind, I think that sticks waiting withered peony, think of a dark blue bike, think of a careless joke.Where’s the time?Why do I only gently turned around, it’s gone past?How I want to just been sitting here, quietly, without saying sorrows and joys.  I understand that time the wind will never blow away fragments of the past, but a similar scene, a bunch of soft time, they will quietly walk.  Many of the stories, is not satisfactory, but also already better.    Siyuan Valley is a valley created by Wulaofeng terrain, which is building a large reservoir, but also the students call “Lovers’ Gorge”.It changed its name to “think” that is intended to take drink from the source.  Here is Xiamen’s highest point.  As you may be a little difficult, but not confused climbing the high slope to this point, in front of the sights, like a fresh wind, blow away your fatigue and burnout.  ”Xiamen living map” Maybe the old record is smiling at you.The old record was a funny old man, his days are waited at the edge of the valley Siyuan, he will tell you the past and present, Xiamen, Xiamen tell you that even in the least beautiful season, also good-looking than some of Tsinghua University Beijing.He and sell some of Xiamen bookmarks, postcards, maps, etc..No matter what you buy, he will knock you on a chapter from the source of the Valley as a souvenir.If you got lost, he would be happy to help you, he will pick up a twig, pointing behind Xiamen map relish telling you want to know everything.Some people say that the old man used to be a century of Xiamen University professor, in fact, no matter what the old man and has a large building links can feel his deep love for Xiamen A from the inside and outside of love.He is willing to accompany all leisure time in the valley next to the source, leaving the visitors to this every chance encounter, but he is also feeling the joy of their own under the sun.  When the weather is not very good, the opposite appears to faint, Xiufeng Lam gloomy, unground surface of the water without goggles, hidden in here like a hermit deep in Xiamen, gentle and subtle, elegant and quiet, and the world is not an indisputable detached.”Benevolent, wise water music,” Almost all the land of mountains and rivers, are Smart.  Not enough time to walk the boardwalk Siyuan Valley, just imagine a curved road stretches along the cliff at the end, and how to get enough of the scenery?Sentimental students who walk hand in hand in the landscape of flowers, the breeze murmured, Ling Po Yi Yi, perhaps silence is the best speech.Or with a good chase in between girlfriends, under the promise of a beautiful convention between pick a mountain wildflowers, raised above the sill return.Many years later, ends of the earth, people have changed, it will certainly someone suddenly remembered the warmth of the moment.  Siyuan Valley Water front are dyed through the green, graceful and moving, affectionate like Valentine isolated tears.  Lost time, around the clock.  This beautiful secluded valley, although not unique to the world, there is a beautiful companion for Love.I wish you a beautiful heart will always have such a quiet valley, stored at young.Whether out flowers, or wind and rain started falling.    Ha great lake, called Hibiscus.  Tan Kah Kee spirit of the affected schools, and their son Lee Kong Chian Nanan Fujian Xiamen Overseas Chinese donations to build a landmark — Jiannan Town Hall.  Lotus Lake Lotus hometown and its surrounding buildings are named, they are derived from the Lee Kong Chian – Hibiscus Southampton Township.  Classical multi-fingered man described by Lotus Water Lotus, namely Lotus.Zhou Wen said, “lotus lightness finds, Qing Lian without demon, straight in the pass, not spread without branches, Hong Yuan Yi Qing, Tingting net plant, a distance, but not fondle Yan”.  Li Shang-yin said, “autumn overcast lingers cream fly late, stay withered lotus Machines sound,” then tells the Zen mood and heart Netherlands.Rain triumphantly days, foggy misty water, Lotus lake in the hazy, listen to rain, hope the flowers, similar to what each new year, each year is different.  Wen Yu Furong not met, the moment between the lake and lush grass tree, lake swan pairs, Hibiscus House and green leafy shadowy mountains to bring the building into the lake.Spring is not old, hibiscus festival, Boundless Learning, diligent at that time.  Each morning a sparkling glow will eventually move towards a sparkling evening, what are you waiting?  Wu cherry great wit, great Ha Phoenix flowers and hibiscus tunnel.  Phoenix flowers and summer, New Year, sentimental but not hopelessness.  Phoenix missed the flowers, hibiscus tunnel should not miss.  Hibiscus tunnel took a year and a half to build a total length of 1.1 km.One afternoon after the completion of the tunnel hibiscus, suddenly a lot more than graffiti.Everything starts here, as Xinghuoliaoyuan.Some say it is a very beautiful mistake, and now the tunnel walls covered with beautiful Xiamen University sons graffiti.Colors, sway of the imagination, some humorous, some vision of hope, and some heavy sentimental.Perhaps the man has to go, but the taste of youth are left in here.  ”Youth do not know real depression, write poetry that worry,” In actual fact, these emotions are confused frustration from the heart, but too numerous books do.  Walk through the tunnel of youth, think of poetry and remote.How beautiful poem?Where is the distance?Poetry is around brilliant colors in the distance is the end of the tunnel.”Hugh thought of the enemy homeland, and the new fire test new tea, poetry and wine while Love”, is the heart of a beautiful poem, the distance is the rest of the way, regardless of whether struggling for life, to be with the good hearts of the rest of the way to go.  Think of the distant Erlang Mountain Tunnel, tunnel built more than a thousand soldiers on the blood and lives, opened the Sichuan-Tibet throat, it is bold, and it is tragic.Hibiscus in front of the tunnel, new and old students who write with emotion and inspiration of youth, spiritual heritage of Xiamen, is warm, and it is refreshing.They are all ordinary people write on the legend, does not seek immortal, I hope youth without any regrets.  Tunnels are intended to do endless, unforgettable love and youth have dried up.    Phoenix flowers have not opened, I have come.  Just missed a feast of youth.  I understand that I have written Xiamen Road and failed to do its millionth, just because it reminds youth corner.I understand that all the time will eventually become the past, many stories can also choose to forget.And as young as poetic Xiamen, May you always have a dream as ever.  Movie “July and quiet”, a quiet time out and bid farewell to home, said: “Do not say goodbye, say goodbye really would,” So, did not say goodbye, do not really goodbye.Too late to say goodbye to the youth, after all, also did not return a.  I do not know when the window that sticks flowers have faded, just as I do not know when youth is gone.  Today, only the empty broken branches.  .    Goodbye – Xiamen!