Sides of the Atlantic, the United States and Japan, there are two young people are struggling for their lives.    Americans all day hiding in the basement rented stock to millions of?A root line drawn on paper and then affixed to the wall, eyes unblinking stare at?line.He stand by, watch quietly thinking.Later, he simply went to the US stock market, the stock market all the records ever have to hold back.In the narrow basement, he studied the data in these chaotic sleepless nights, trying to find some regularities.Since the day to study these things, his life is very short of money, often rely on help from friends to eke out a living.    Across the ocean, the Japanese regarded their monthly income 1,3 unshakeable in the bank, though many times he will be strapped, but he still adhere to teeth, according to the deposit is not wrong.Sometimes it could not get on, he would rather not borrow money to move money in the bank.    Two young men in their world insist on six years of this life.6 years, Americans focused on the relationship between the trend of the US stock market and ancient mathematics, geometry, astrology, and the Japanese are relying on tenacious will accumulate $ 50,000.    At this time, the Americans found a significant prediction about the development trend of the stock market, thus relying on the time factor control theory found themselves to be self-made mythology.He is the founder of the wave theory of William Gann.At the same time, the Japanese still insist on relying on their own experience of the accumulation of wealth in the difficult years touched a well-known banker, to obtain a $ 1 million loan to start his own company.He is the owner of McDonald’s in Japan, the first branch of Den Fujita.    Success no set style, there is no routine, it does not matter what the method, it does not matter what way, success just need a little bit of accumulation.