A young newlywed into the room, the side wall hung pieces of the frame, which trimmed single photo man of the house, with bright eyes, flowing black hair, tall, handsome dashing, though it is sideways, but no less impressive look.Corresponds to the photo with four people, two out of some high, some low inside the two, some dwarf is higher microcosm, face to face with excitement, quite a distance between the four, from the position, look on be very coordinated, smooth, very particular about the people in line with traditional symmetrical beauty.Photo of four young people themselves are in fact, is the modern camera technology to his one-man photos by copying, zoom, rotate and other methods combined into a mosaic of.According to the combination than single photo atmosphere, lively, funny, witty, so he has a few of my youth in a photo, my different positions, different forms, different roles carried by a good show in my mind different world, different implication.    About me, but also my size, I was four, in fact, the real me is just a.I can picture a lot, I have only one life, everyone has a dream, an ideal unfold in a dream wings, travel and wandering around in the endless sky, the variety can imagine my good looks, but to achieve it, with not illusory, but my actual real action.    I’m a big, a little me, the real me two forms, changing.Living in the world, I have a different look, windy rain, clouds rainbow, under different circumstances, I sometimes become tall, sometimes will become small, toward two extremes, I sometimes confuse me of life, so I think the direction is unclear; in different people’s eyes, I’ll be up tall in front of all ages who, suddenly, I would hate in the people’s eyes become small, so exaggerated drop, sometimes disturbing I can not have self-control, there is no problem, that does not say anything, I’m still me, who look down upon high, and confined in the eyes of others, become climate, as long as the real me in, remains unchanged walking trail in sunshine , does not seek full speed, stabilize real go, then into the perfect.    I left a right a me.Extra a me, is that people often say I own another alert.If we say that a I installed the achievements and honors, is that I installed another weaknesses and shortcomings, the human heart is always contradictory.My very noble sentiment, but also sometimes made a stupid mistake, I groomed face, but inevitably in the eyes of the hairs had mites, I cheer for victory, but will pay a huge cost for the successful and sad tears.I left a photo of one of my attitude exactly right, but in my life I was with another opposite, it is ideal or warning?    I have a high photo and a short I, near rivers, as close as brothers.Tall and mighty and humble dialogue stature, height no choice, noble heart and small, strong and weak is the key to determine success or failure in life, God gave me a different different forms, but also gives me a wise choice is to constantly challenge me myself, not because I’m living Gao conceited, not because I was frustrated at the lower ranks of life, the most powerful should my heart.    Frame photos of young watching a few of my people exposed friendly smile, all sorts of changes are their own, interesting people, it seems to give hope to young people, willing to slowly get out ideal way of life in me.