Us this place, there is a custom birthday, always ahead of the year do not do ten named nine.Why should a birthday according Nine, there is a statement of.  Legend, in the Ming Dynasty Chenguang, this place home people, widows and orphans.Son is a young man, because Wang, people call him Wang.His mother was blind, Wang is very obedient, always careful to serve mother.  One day, Wang find grass in the mountains, happened Dongbin through there, he likes to nosy, they fall cloud head and said: Hey, young man, you do not find grass here, and tomorrow noon to three, you will not be dead in , get back to care of the funeral it!  Wang one, and thought: This old man, how can you talk.Asked: old man, I’m with you no injustice Wu Chou, why do I curse?  Dongbin said: I curse what you do?You called Wang right, well, you can not escape tomorrow noon to three.  Wang an anxious, Lu Tung-pin toward the knees kneeling, said: old man, I do not pity the dead, but the family has his aging mother, blind, I die, who does she care?  .Lu Tung-pin nodded and thought: sunny, nice young man, a dutiful son, the idea can not bear to matter, and yet difficult to say: I told you, I Dongbin, I am the person can control death, the tube can not be born, there is no way to save you ah!  Wang knees up, seeking to find ways to Dongbin: old man, who cares so students do?  Dongbin said: ah, students can master only Yama, afraid you laid hold of him.  Wang said: old man, you met with him, is a good friend, you talk with him, in the end it will help help!  Lu Tung-pin shirk, had attached Wang said on the ears a way, he called the Ming Dynasty before noon to three in Huaguoshan.Hem banquet tables, to good food wine, gracefully dishes, put there, others do not control.  Wang quickly said: OK, OK.  Wang just stood up, Lu Tung-pin was gone, Wang rushed home, and quickly told the story to his mother, the mother panicked.Mother and son busy the whole night, the banquet put in a good busy Huaguoshan.  The next day, a bunch of fairy Dongbin appointment came Yama said: go, we go Huaguoshan, Monkey King knocked bamboo bar, get a meal wine eat.  Yama and Dongbin that we are friends, I heard Jiuchi, on the clouds, flew to follow Lu Tung-pin one on top of the Flower and Fruit Mountain, smelt alcohol, Pen Pen incense.Yama greedy saliva began to pour, cloud head down, reach for small sake cup to drink.Eating eating, Wang came out of Yama said: Man, how could I have no reason to eat the birthday celebration of a feast.  Yama said; eat eat, and what do!  Wang said: You pay me a feast!  Lu Tung-pin in the next, said: nothing, reap, people always find a way to repay it!  Yama said; I’m losing it!  Wang said: I do not want money, a sum banquet!  Yama desperate, had to ask how old Wang, Wang said: nineteen!  Lu Tung-pin said to the king of hell: he was nineteen years old, you have mastered the book of life and death, you see how many people duong tho?He says it so he arranged schedule.  Ouch!You are going to die, going to the life; and said what life?  Lu Tung-pin frowned on Yama said: This, in turn effortlessly, you add a ‘nine’ word in his above-nine, not to repay yet?  Yama straight shake hands, say: good, bad, change of life and death book no precedent, in this case a very, very broken, violated the rules of days, to do my sin.  Several gods next to his mouth to eat greasy, I thought, people can not eat for free banquet meal, have helped Wang intercession: it is we eat banquet tables, dedication and have difficulty with when, jade Huang traced down, we undertake together, OK?  Yama think about it, no other way to refuse, had to say: Only one back, just this once.  He took out a book to life and death, on the nineteenth of Wang top, add a nine-word, this way, Wang will be able to live ninety-nine was the end of life.  This is a matter to spread, we heard nine head birthday celebration can add life to make sure you have a birthday party a year ahead, and slowly became a custom in accordance nine birthday.This article is taken from the children’s site (WWW.060s.COM)