That year he was young and strong men, hoping to mix in the heart of Beijing on a few years, she saved money, then dressed to go home, cover a bigger way house.Finally in spring, he packed a simple luggage, bring my mother and I came to Beijing by train.He bought the station in a strange a map, but also by virtue of geographical knowledge meager, and soon settled in a strange alley name.My mother and I did not know he was doing specifically, he would sometimes take a back shallot, sometimes I do not know how to bring back a stuttering under cotton candy, and sometimes to take along a small piece of cloth to his mother, so she save more to me sew the bag with the evening he went to rent a three-wheeled, wandering around soliciting.I was six years old cramped in unfamiliar Beijing, they often clamor out of the bus with him.He did not agree at first, but eventually agreed to down.Early spring of Beijing, windy, very cold.I huddled in the car, put on his cotton coat, wear hats have holes, to see pedestrians on the road.I do not know how long, I stumbled heard his words.He said: Son, wait, had not much time, Dad will give you Nianglia buy a set of buildings, but also to buy a car, opened the scenery go home.I’m in the car in the enclosed plastic sheeting and felt his words in the wind shredded.That night he turn around Beijing, riding for a few hours, did not pull a guest.But I was frozen in his car in a serious illness, he finally spent all the money she saved.Since I know him outside and not as heroic boasted, but those odds and ends to take along home, and not like the resulting labor remuneration.On one occasion, I stood in the street alley waiting for him to come back for dinner, we can see far he quickly ran behind also followed by several men.He pulled me toward the twisting of the seven eight Shui alley rushed, those people will soon be pulling away.He was a telegraph pole squat for a long time, gas flat, pale face into the old black and red, this smile will come out a colorful jelly beans, nodding towards me say: Look, this is today Dad won their race with prizes.I carefully took it, and plugs a jelly beans to his mouth, smiled and said: Dad really powerful, I want to tell my mother.He crouched down and said: if Tong Tong secret to her mother, I will come to you to win more sweeter jelly beans, OK?I did not hesitate to reach out, grab his rough fingers.The secret, like flowers on lush hillside home, in my heart soaring for a long time, until the advent of summer.That summer, unusually hot, he pulled me to the streets hair, I licked his tongue, said: I want to eat ice cream.He embarrassed to say: Wait a while my father pulled the guests to buy.But we stroll around the city for over an hour, no gain.I listless listless tummy in the car.He finally parked the car in a remote trail, fondly touch my hot forehead, and whispered: Tong Tong, dad to buy ice cream.I am eagerly waiting for, but heard not far from the beaten someone quarrel.I jumped out and ran toward the sound of people in the past.Came near, he saw he was a few men got me to pull.Selling ice cream man gave him viciously punches and shouted: see you steal something, be careful that your hands!His clothes had been thrown on the ground, the sweat and dirt, filthy; and an ice cream, then quietly lay at his feet, ignoring the hustle and bustle of this world which, to uphold the melt.I wonder if someone’s dog leaned over and picked up the ice cream quickly go long.I summoned the courage to go in front of him, he instantly becomes pale and trembling.I am with him on as a summer evening in the street, silently, looking.No words can describe the moment of our mutual feelings: I saw how much he hated his embarrassment, and I, and how hated he is a disgrace to the dignity of his father.I have forgotten us who is in the scattered crowd turned to leave.But I remember my way home, remember that night, he was like a child does something wrong, pushed the car down, stepping on my shadow, in the rest of cicadas in gradually, with me walked home.Since then, I have no illusions on him.Memory stalwart back, so a turn, no trace of the.Many years later, I completed his dream in Beijing, with houses and cars, but also have warm and happy home.Grew in the years to come, I increasingly understand his pain and humiliation, to understand his deep frustration.I went to his mother rented a small house, ask him many times, he still refuses to live with me.It turned out that he has been reluctant to forgive himself, had ruined dignity in front of his son.And, for my happiness he only distant glance, they put the old wounds at a glance.When his father became ill, I held his pair of skinny hand and whispered: Dad, you are in my heart will always be a great man.He smiled slowly tears, closed his eyes forever.I Fuseshita head, holding his crying.