Freshwater crab is grown in seawater breeding crabs.Often burrowing in the mud crab shore rivers, lakes, and nocturnal, fish, shrimp, dead animals and grains for food, often migrate each fall to the mouth of the sea to spawn, the second year of three in May hatch, develop into after the crab, then traced the river and continue to grow development in fresh water.This knowledge, I do not know, I thought those crab breeding is grown in fresh water it.Later, “Baidu,” a moment, did you realize.Feelings that crab is “both together water” guy.    I grew up by the sea, small, see more crab sea.What crab, iron clamps, red legs, grimace children, etc., a large network of water, full of hills along the child is.Especially the crab before and after the Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival, but at that time the best Bohai Sea Coast.There are a couple of pounds of crab full weight and broke Gail, full of crab, crab ado, like most of the garlic petal, a person could eat in any case.Unlike the current crab, watching the silly big head is not small, crab Gail broke, crashed, dark Crab flow over the ground.The crab is scattered loosely scattered, Jiji Nabu Qi all things come full circle.    At that time, the sea of people basically do not eat crab.So, surprisingly many crab.In the rice fields, in the shallow ditch in the sea huailin wild Wei Po wild child pond, which is rampant everywhere shadow.Our main crops are rice hometown.Whenever rice harvest season, is the most fat crab.So, we are all in this season paddy to the ground, “according crab”.Not steamed, but to do one kind of crab sauce.    Crab according to very simple.Every time seven or eight o’clock in the evening, we partner a few small hand carry a lantern, a hand carry an ocean drum, he came to the edge of the village’s rice paddies.At this point the rice has been thrown bursts of golden, breeze blowing, rustling swinging, like a rich aroma from the Tao Heung.We sat on the ridge, the lantern hanging on a branch with three erected a tripod, Niuliang wick children.Yang then drum on the side.Phototaxis crab is very strong, not for a while, you hear a rustling sound coming from the inside daodi.We Shoujiyankuai, will only a yellow big top child crab caught in the iron into the ocean.Smooth the sides of casks, the term of crab to make stops in it, is to climb it.We do not bite off more than about half an hour, it has been put into the drum in half the children.We carefully carrying loot, return to their home along the same route, will be filled with crab ocean drum in the yard, wash it wash it dirty feet, sleep Shangkang.Tomorrow, we should go to school.    Spit foaming night crab still look for an opportunity to break out of it in the drum.Mother carry a bucket of water from the wells, the Wow what poured into the bucket filled with crab, stir again with clean with a stick several times after being stirred dazed crab being poured over a small cylinder stubble, the mother holding a thick stick of a clean, just-do, Kua Kua pounding up, quickly turned into crab crab sauce.Later, after to the residue, filtration, salt and spices, very fresh crab sauce on the well.Mother with a sealed jar, left the winter time to boil cabbage, tofu stew or fried beans to eat vegetables can be considered a poor season in a home cooking.    There is a message the day before yesterday on television, saying that some of the cat lovers in high-speed intersection intercepted a large truck transport cats, some cats released on the spot, and the driver and truck from the conflict.The driver finally cry more than.Goods not his driver, the driver is to transport people wife last fall a transportation fee to support the family, which all of a sudden, hundreds of thousands did not, and can not afford to lose is lost, only seven feet man burst into tears.    I do not know where the people all like to eat cats, but I know that northerners do not eat.But not absolute do not eat, I clearly remember this one thing: I was probably ten years old, that is, in the late sixties.A day Chinese New Year, my family hanging in the rafters of a piece of meat do not know is what to eat, survey the scene, the obvious is what to eat animals.This is terrible, when all the people from poverty, the Spring Festival cut a piece of meat, that is basically the lifeblood, is eating, the whole family very, very sad.That day, my mother go home, open the door, see a cat-like animal he tried to flee out of the mother hastily closed, all of a sudden these things even locked up in the house.Call people, people are busy divvying up, and finally the thieves arrested.Be careful to see that turned out to be a big head out of the 1st child than a domestic cat wildcat.What wildcat, I think people just like to say now about the same stray cats.Feeding someone at home saying “a house cat”, no one outside feeding is called “wildcat”.Unhappy people meet, exceptionally jealous.You eat the flesh of my house, we will only eat your meat.Neither remember the “wildcat” how the meat taste, just remember that “wildcat” staring at a pair of big eyes of fear, hiding in a corner shivering like.Of course, when I have absolutely no compassion, only then eat fast psychology at work.    The so-called sympathy is with the food had to wear it suddenly grow back after not starved.Now I can pretty belly drum with a loud voice, eating Wildcats are cruel, cat lovers of action is charity!But I really sympathize with the drivers who master crying, and that several hundred thousand dollars of money, he sold his son also can not pay it.The problem is that now bites of wild animals, but it is in the case of eat and drink enough of intensified.    In my notebook, I recorded a few examples of horror abuse of food animals.It is said that there is a rare dish called “live monkey brains,” is to a live monkey locked with chains led to a banquet, a round table, a two and a half break, open a small hole in the middle.Be monkeys, sandwiched between the two halves of the table monkey head, after fixing, “pop” a hammer head broke monkey, monkey creak barking desk crying, by taking heat dinner spoon monkey brains, enjoy the pleasant.Oh my God, this is written, I felt cold, the pores blows, then how to go under the mouth, eating really do not go to hell?    There is a case.Song Han Zhen eat donkey intestine, must be used each time a banquet dish.Cooking donkey intestinal need for high technology, if cooked too long is bad, the furnace is less than the chew.When chefs, first donkey tied to a stake, until the banquet boarding people drink about the same time, only a knife and cut the ass out the stomach intestines to take advantage of fresh clean cooking.When Han Zhen any Qinzhou know the state, a day at the banquet guests get up to urinate middle, next to the kitchen came from seeing a few donkey bray bolt on wooden pillars, were originally took intestines, blood dripping.The guests understand how it happens, dread, fled.    My two examples with whom the ancients.However, a few days before the computer spread of several young people living with stripping sticking the video, there will be live raccoon skin peeled off, let it run around in the yard of the video, there are some hotels “braised fish” “Drunk shrimp “and so on, the furniture, food and child ancient echoes?    Once investigators TV station came to the door, I stuffed a table, saying it was investigating the ratings of television programs.He refused contemptuous, had to fill in as devoutly as students do their homework, but often look to show a committed difficult.In fact I rarely watch TV, I do not like to see, nor is it hypocritical to no free time, but now dozens of channels from the beginning to the end of stroke, the total can not find a great satisfaction.The result is a lot of channels, programs a lot, which also frown upon the end of a beginning.Sitting in front of the TV than the Ministry of Culture to review “Empress Wu” also cruel?So whenever watching TV, the family who would not let me get the remote control.But, uh, I really like the TV show is not without, which reflect all program animal life is very like to watch me.For example, CCTV’s “Animal World”, such as “Man and Nature”.    Occasionally my friends talk about thing of television programs, such as talking about the big boss left his wife and son fell in love with love and miss eight real compassionate and still no apparent reason and his ex-wife and the man eventually became the darlings of things like I could not get a word in the negotiations only look on in despair, but to talk about animal piece children come to me like a familiar escape Shunliu.Friends puzzled.    Seriously consider, not all that hard to find out where the knot disease.For example, I like simple, for example, I like direct, such as my temperament lazy, these people – the main character of the story never.Every time I see the story in a snare trap attached to the trap next to the trap, and the dramatis personae and the director general of intelligence “two” stunned when drilled into the circle; by several Every time I see a group of “confused” adults clown play host round and round and “Yahya” barking, my head will be made up, it will bear a grudge, it will have the urge to smash the TV.    All this, at least, the animal world would not have happened, this simple world leaving only survived.Their expression, their desire, their greed, their killing, the performance is so simple and straightforward, no deliberate modification, people understand at a glance.There is no idiom, no hypocrisy, boredom, vanity, etc. only humans exclusive ugly.Of course, I am not eager to go back down to drink human blood Mao Ru state, nor promote the human animal’s changed so that the streets are shaking rip tooth grin hairy wolves, I’m just saying modern society, those originally belonged to our human nature has become increasingly distant departure from us, so that we go from one extreme to the other extreme.When humans completely lost as a thinking animal flesh and blood and eventually became downright purely utilitarian monster, I can not imagine what we can rest.    Of course, how cute animal or animals are also.I respect all of nature, but I have yet to condemn the killing of others to eat halo hobby.If people really to animals and biological integration, then people will not call people.Since ancient times, harmony with nature, using natural, mutualism, is the harmonious relationship between man and nature is located.    For a long time, we live in a pragmatic space, it is being affected by utilitarian and desires, thus losing focus on the development and function of the inherent human nature.So, we can only expect from the ultimate goal of mankind farther and farther.Civilization itself, if an excessive preoccupation with practical, it will inevitably lead to the opposite direction to the human mind and Development.This requires human morality, rational thinking and practical way to achieve a scientific development to match the height.In other words, between the inner and outer looking for a precise balance point, the two sides are evenly matched, otherwise, either to strengthen, to humanity itself disastrous.Of course, this balance can not be static fixed at a certain place, it must be the same on both sides into the trend.Currently, the external development has far exceeded internal development, consciousness that is part of the standard to be lower than the practical part, this is a dangerous signal, which indicates that quick success not only to destroy the human race’s survival naturally, also will eventually destroy themselves.To save humanity, must be the man himself.Which must be gradual degradation of human nature, to find out one after another, “focus”, and then eliminate it.In this process, we should learn what to do cute animals?    Due to over-fishing, and now the Bohai Sea is very poor, and rarely see blue crab top yellow child’s umbilical my memory of that regiment.Instead, the field came crab, but due to transit to farming oxygen into the water, even alive crabs also have crab, crab exhausted, not the origin of the kind of style.Once, a professor friend left home to home mothering, have to say a child to eat crab sea.I say crab hair is gone, where are you off to dig Teng?The proprietor said, crabs good, you can try.Meal stop and say very fresh.I think not become delicious crabs, but as time goes by, we have become memories gradually fade, some of our habits, our taste buds, but also had to adapt to this change.I remember saying, if you can not change the environment, we must learn to adapt to the environment.Consider also, only then will we be able to maintain a calm, life will be much less unnecessary trouble.    March 13, 2015