There’s something really funny, cat with a lion than the size.  One day, seize the lion kittens, open big mouth, trying to swallow him.Kitten Meow Meow call: Why did you eat my way?Lion breaks into laughter: That you have to ask, because I am, you little.Kitten said: What, what, you big, my little?Your eyes must be spent.Obviously I am, you little.Lion kitten listen to say, confused up.Kitten said: you know, eyes only to see their claws, you can not see his body in, know how much it?Yes!Lion thought for a moment: I can not see his own body, know how much it?Kitten said: My family has a mirror, you look in a photo, you know how much.Lions never shines through the mirror, he thought, the mirror must be very interesting to follow the cat walk.  Zouya walk, a walk to the door kitten.Kitten home mirror surprising, as can be positive, as can also be the opposite, front bulging, projecting into the back, the button to take a turn according to a.Lion, come take a look.Look at yourself, big or small?Lion into the house, a stop in front of the mirror, toward the right side of his bulging.He glancing in the mirror, saw his short and small, like little mice.Kitten say; you understand it, you have much stature?Now you stand next to go, let me look in the mirror.Kitten secretly by a push-button, the mirror turned a turn, concave surface facing towards him, ho, incredibly, this mirror kitten bigger than a lion it.Lion, you quickly take a look.I’m older than you, or younger than you?Lion standing by secretly just looked in the mirror to see the kitten so big, so high, his mouth one by one, really scary.Lion kittens thought to eat him, turned and ran until he reached the woods, no longer afraid to come out.  You’ve seen it in the mirror kitten home?This is called mirror distorting mirror.You in the concave side according to a photo, it will become a giant, but according to a photo on one side of the drum up, I am afraid to become a little fleas.  Tip: The main story so that children understand the imaging features of preliminary concave mirror, convex mirror, know the cause of the lion fooled, but also let the children feel brave kitten.