1, undercurrents my house next to an old building in the Plaza Mayor, night light in the room except the moon is shining through the neon side of the square.Sitting in the bedroom windowsill direction after day I used a simple man eating dinner looking towards the square.Parents moved south dignity after retirement, spent most of his life savings of repairing the property, they say the cold northern climate is not suitable for the elderly living.I think, in fact, so that they can not stand the cold is not the weather, but left their memories here.After graduating from college I returned to the city to sell the family house, in the center of this small rented apartment.Large room, a porch, a kitchen and two rooms no living room, a room as I was living and study, the other serves as a bedroom.Radio and Television Building a new home away from where I work not far from walking to and from it thirty minutes.Town square every night nocturnal many people, especially in the summer heat of the night, they gathered in the surrounding musical fountain, twitter hang around in those small traders to Tanqian.Every time my eyes will be stuck in the crowds that attract children, young seventeen or eighteen, and never changed his military green shorts and open-hole dark gray T-shirt, pricey tall, has been kneeling where in a low stance to reach out to people begging.His body was not a disability, but his face carved with the vicissitudes of life does not belong to this age, he appeared here more than a year, should be an organized and disciplined members of beggars.Able-bodied beggars usually do not get people’s attention, his only trump card is a pair of watery eyes, clear and bright people may feel pity, someone because of his pitiful appearance compassion big hair, North Korea in front of him a few coins thrown into the copper box.I like to peep in the windows on this side of him, and told him the child insisted, because when I see him when I would think of Jingyang.If Jingyang still alive so he is also the older, just to college, wearing a clean, casual wear, sitting on a neat board inch bright university classrooms; he should prefer to ride in the vast basketball court, he must be completed one after another exquisite romantic shots in a lot of screaming female students in the crowd, then turned to training and preparation of a well-intentioned they are confident a Review.But these can always stay in my imagination, Jingyang’s premature death left my endless imagination space, and therefore parents abandoned their homes live twenty years moved so far south strange city.The first time I saw that begging child or a year ago, when my mood is caught in a trough.The government has been running a campaign news near the end, and I get along very happy that the mayor of popular candidate has abandoned the campaign away from politics.I have many good reasons to want him to succeed, not only familiar with their own reasons, but also those proposed by his farmer-friendly policy.I’m a night person election results made public sitting would spend a few hours on the bedroom floor, then suddenly burst into tears of a sour throat.Already 1:00, I still pick up the phone dialed the number.Bell rang for a long time, a string of monotonous beep silence of the night in the open so that missing loved ones emotions thicker, there finally sounded mother’s voice, tone revealed a disturbing: Small new, how the?I wept at the side of the dark: her mother, Li Dongwei elected mayor.There was a silence, and then the mother calm authentic: these things are passed away, after all we do not mention that person, your father’s physical condition is getting worse, never stop told him these things let him have any mood fluctuations so late, how not to rest, to go to work tomorrow, right.Sound waves can not find any trace of the line and it does not match the quiet night.Mother makes me more sad numb, she hated it not for Li Dongwei, but people say, people do not fight and officer.She moved to distant places with his father, who denies all, or about joy, or sadness about, they all give up, just to spend their remaining years.However, abandoned or forgotten, does not mean that some things did not happen.