Mulan Wentai said: “I am dead, also killed on the battlefield, you are willing to accompany me?”Wentai said this one ‘accompany’ word is the movie” Mulan “moved me most lines.   Wentai say so is to do so.Mulan was the daughter body from that moment for the father of the army, it is for her privacy, to protect her.  Wentai regardless of their own safety, let go of Mulan is wrong to be beheaded.Rouran army struck, Mulan return to the battlefield to save Thailand below, is Wentai gave Mulan forces killed Rouran coach, established the General Town exploits was made a general level the North, as Wentai.  Two people work together to win a war, this is also a war, we lost a lot of brothers, they hated the war, Mulan mental and physical exhaustion.Wentai said: “If my life can stop the war, would have done the” Mulan’s father said: “There is no warrior on the battlefield, only the dead and crazy, about feelings.fool!”And I can see is Ganchangcunduan Mulan in the field of cultural Thai Love!  Wentai order to cut Mulan emotional tie him down, so she really strong, so the Tigers pass fake his death.After Mulan distraught, really aware of the inescapable stop the war, only to lose more afraid.Perk up, fight back, award exploits, Wentai has been behind the scenes to support her.  The last war, because the great general Zang qualitative abandoned, Mulan was seriously wounded, no forage, no drugs, stuck in a dead end canyon in Mulan, Mulan to save Wentai, attempted to drink her blood, see this scene, my heart in the blood.  To save Mulan and thousands of soldiers, Wentai out Prince Yaopai (Wentai Wei in seven princes) with their hostage.  Mulan armed camp to save Wentai, that there is a desire after Rouran princess wants Weiguo Huang Mulan Princess promised to complete the wish, to kill with a kill his father ascended the throne of Huns – door single, ending the war.  To the people no longer suffer the pain of war, for a national responsibility, Wentai and Rouran princess marriage, two State Friends of Harmony, never stop weapons.  Mulan see tears yet?People need support, and then brave, strong people who need companionship!Mulan Wentai said: “Twelve years, every morning the first thought is to think of you, because you are, I have the courage to open your eyes!”Wentai said: ‘forget me.’Mulan said:’ Every day will be the same after.’Heartbreaking tears, they did not together, but they have a true love, love in my heart accompany you for life!  With Wentai companionship, help, support, support, love, only the achievements of the great general – Mulan!  Accompanied by a road, in order to take a firm, warm, farther!!!           Can a June 1, 2016