BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) Australia Network published an article on the 20th compilation, Sydney, Australia curfew policy has been controversial。 The latest report shows that more than half of Sydney people are not satisfied with the night life, many people have called for Sydney NSW Government introduced new offices, such as "Night Mayor" (nightmayor) or "night economy Minister" (ministerfornight-timeeconomy) to improve Sydney nightlife, so that Sydney has become subject to all ages have loved。 Data for: the night of the Sydney Opera House。 Photo agency issued Jiang Zhanggeng article excerpts are as follows: Economic Commission for Sydney at night under the Commission (CommissionforaNight-timeEconomy) spent a year of time to study, hoping to find an effective way to improve the Sydney CBD and the wider region of nightlife。
According to the agency released a research report shows that less than half of the Greater Sydney area residents are satisfied with the night life of leisure and entertainment。
Since 2014, the debate on the Sydney CBD nightlife are escape curfew law, and violence caused by drunkenness。 Although the report welcomes the curfew law state government implemented in 2016, but at the same time expressing a long-term implementation of the Act, may adversely affect the reputation of the city of Sydney International fears。
To this end, the report recommends that the new state government to re-evaluate the pros and cons curfew law。 In addition, the report also proposed to extend the opening hours on Friday and Saturday the store, extend the opening hours of public transport, museums and art galleries of。
In this regard, Chairman of the Committee for Sydney Ross (MichaelRose), said poor urban planning and transportation could not create the vibrant nightlife in Sydney。
Although Sydney has a lot of special events, such as the White Nights Festival, the Lunar New Year celebrations, but in this regard, the city still has a broad development space。 He also said that the appointment of an independent coordinator, such as "Night Mayor" or "night economy Minister" responsible for consider how to maximize the interests of Sydney residents is very important。
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