Men and women go very far from the city of delivery, return is on the way.They are sitting in the car a longer semi-trailer truck, the men drove to concentrate on the driving position, a woman leaning nap on the side of the seat.  Suddenly a man bumper woman said: You wake up soon!Woman opened his eyes, looked puzzled man, the man said: Do you remember when we come to see the side of the road there is a deep ditch it?Woman bleary look and asked: Where?Said the man in front, about 600 meters away, wait there, I shout to jump, you jump.Remember, faster, jump into the ditch!What else do not control!  Woman discovered that not right.She saw a man sweating, restless.In the end he had to step on the brakes, the truck is still sprint madly ago.It was a long, steep downhill.Truck accumulate terrible acceleration, like a stone dropped into the abyss.  This is a disused highway, to save time, they have intercourse several times on this road, familiar with all this road and the road around.They know just in front of 800 m, there is a country market, every market day.Always crowded bazaar near many villagers.They also know that today happens to be a market day.That is to say.They can not also as before, carefully drove through the market, and then move on.  There is no fork in the road, the narrow road on both sides of the cliff is knifed.So they rushed to the truck only those unsuspecting people, like a mad beast.Men constantly on the horn, but the Master noisy bazaar, no one heard, no one noticed, but no one ignored.  Men continue to release the brake, and then slam down; then release, then slam down, no use, complete brake failure!  They all know that in about 20 meters away from the market place, the cliff side of the road there is a recessed notch.That gap on the other side of the driving position, if the present pace of speeding truck, then.The truck suddenly crashed into the gap.Perhaps it will not hit the innocent villagers on the market.But the consequences would be doomed car crash.  Woman nervously grabbed the man’s hand, the man said: coming up that ditch.I shout to jump, you jump!Woman asked: How about you?The man said: I will jump!Then the man opened the door on one side, and let the woman open the other side of the door.  They also saw the piece of ditch.Ditch on the side of the woman, it seems that they came running forward.A man shouted: One, two, three, jump!Then the car rushed past.  No one jump.  Man anxious.Why not jump?  The woman said: Because I know you will not!.  Man holding up a fist, desperately Bash at the steering wheel.Man’s face was angry and sad, has distorted.  Truck continued forward, toward the bazaar, the villagers rushed to the unsuspecting truck or stopped.In the remaining one step away from a place of bustling villagers stopped.Man sweating, exhaled slowly.Woman holding him.Howl.  In men firmly decided that crashed into the gap, he wanted to try the last time.Then he suddenly heard the sound of car tire friction with the ground.Men ecstatic, severely hit the brakes, no longer dared to relax the man hugged the woman and said: You know, you silly?If the hit to go, we will die.  Woman wiping away tears, said to know.  Man held her tightly.  Add a touch of a woman tears, said: So I can not jump, I have to stay with you, the end of life in the last 200 meters