You said that you feel confused about life see the farthest place you want to go, please allow me to make a request for me to accompany you to accompany you to see the farthest place if you do not want to see my shadow Well, you go in front I walked behind when you go back I would choose to hide will not let you see me with in your back if you feel so scared in front of, behind your back to me whenever you have behind you, I’ll build for you a haven to watch the sunrise light up the sky clear blue skies dream to talk to it to tell the life of the helpless, confused when you cry I’ll be from the side of the stone you handed a paper towel can wipe away tears, and if your face I do not need to ask me to lend you a shoulder to lean Why the tears fall because your eyes fell on my heart watching the sunset red jungle you can enjoy the scenery alone good I’ll be back to that part of the corner of my watch, you watch the sunset in my life is the most beautiful scenery you if you decide to stay the night so I’ll tent for you to take you ignite firewood again find himself in an obscure corner quietly waiting for you the dawn I’ll be out of my corner out of you before you get up in the eyes of the world, please do not ask me insist on a fruitless love worthwhile in my love, I will pay, asking nothing in return I only know that in the past there are days you are the happiest times of my selfish I will not miss sharing this with you before you leave if you can, when I call you, please let me go back to your picture in my mind for myself [editor: Yi children]