Configuration more and more fashionable "new car equipped with oversized screen, a collection of rich Internet access。
"A few days ago a car 4S store sales staff, he said to reporters when recommending a new car," with models of chairs is the most fashionable color design, also using the latest high-level leather。 "It is understood that these very eye-catching fashionable configured as a selling point of the new car more and more, many brands of car sales in the introduction of the vehicle to the customer, often in trying to highlight the big screen, air purification, Internet, audio and other selling luxury , while the vehicle's engine performance, transmission type, fuel consumption and safety performance rarely mentioned。 Reporters noted that in an interview, adding many models in the so-called fashionable configuration, the price is also rising, with the Department of models due to an increase in luxury features, it may expensive seven or eight thousand or even a few million。
  But these seemingly flashy new car highlights stylish, luxurious configuration, many of them flashy。
Consumers Mr. Zhang city before the Spring Festival of the purchase of a new SUV, only to upgrade a "two-tone leather interior" to spend 7,000 yuan。
But since the car more than two months, Mr. Zhang has been plagued by the smell of car interiors。
Zhang told reporters after his friends have to buy the same model, the election is ordinary interior materials, the car is almost no odor。 Another optional luxury to spend more in the control of large screen Tucao when buying a car, Mr. Wang also told reporters that there were only notice that the screen size, but only use found that many cars have Internet phone, car navigation, this car is not supported, but the screen resolution is relatively low。 In addition, there are many owners reflect, like a multi-zone air-conditioning, air purification, surround speakers, and other configurations, the actual use of the effect is not obvious, is money well spent little loss。
  Reason to choose a car Mo forest for the trees insiders tips to consumers, the new car market does exist now configure more fancy phenomenon, but it is worth noting that, for the family car, the color and size of the car interior appearance in the control screen , chair of the material, size skylights, etc. compared to the number of speakers, a powered vehicle safety, fuel consumption is the essential element of these large consumers should be more concerned about。
The industry also called on car manufacturers in the development of family cars for the needs of the people, not forest for the trees, and the so-called cool technology, ultra-luxurious configuration, positioning itself does not conform to family cars。
Manufacturers and their far-fetched to upgrade configuration, might as well return to nature, a better experience for consumers in improving the safety and comfort and reduce fuel consumption。
( "Tsukumo" News editor Liu Ying)。