10 golden words!(Brilliantly) [first sentence] manage their mouth, do not speak momentary gratification, lip service, remarks to three warm in winter, cold in June wounding words, the words mind, sensitive thing cautious, so much useless, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy will be able to.  [] The second sentence of life without love is like a desert, gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, in fact, to learn to love others is to love yourself, to love everyone as the afternoon sun warm heart.  [] More than the third sentence to understand respect for others, tolerance Huaikang gratitude, tolerance is a virtue is a kind of wisdom, be tolerant to diversity is how broad, grateful friends, they give you help; appreciate your enemies, they let you become strong.  [] The fourth sentence in this world, there are two things we can not do: First, on their way, and second, to stop and see if they have a good attitude, a good attitude is a good companion’s life, pleasing health.  [Fifth sentence] human, human, only human, to charity, longer than intercourse, usually do not burn incense, when anxious cramming does not work, so you want to save people’s emotions, like bank deposits, deposit the more time the longer, the greater the bonus.  [Sixth sentence] failing to do not be impatient.Do not jump to conclusions, especially when angry decision not to do, to learn empathy, major issues to minor ones, and the complicated things as simple as possible, do not complicate the simple things.  Seventh sentence] learn to be content, the biggest worry in life is the most pointless comparisons began, this world there is always as good as your people, there are always stronger than you, when I cry I do not wear shoes when I I discovered that someone did not feet.  [Eighth sentence] If the enemy makes you angry, it means you do not win his grasp, you do not have to go back to curse you people?If there is a mad dog bites you one, do you have to get down to bite him one do?Do not worry so much about other people’s curse.  [] Do not work when the ninth sentence burden, rather than angry blame, it is better to actively happy to face, when you work as life and art, you will enjoy the fun of work.  [X] sentence people alive, is lucky, they should cherish life just a few decades, do not leave more regret, Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy even a single day, happy day too; failing a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart.