Since the party's eighteen, according to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and 12th National People's Congress and its Standing Committee will formulate general civil code and civil code codification of the key tasks as legislative work。 General Principles of the Civil Code and by the sub-grouped, the legislature is currently considering the sub-series compiled for the property, contract compiled, edited tort liability, marriage and family and inheritance knitting, etc.。 General Civil Code to provide for basic civil law system, the basic principles of civil law, civil entities, civil rights, civil legal action, civil liability and statute of limitations, etc., to build the basic framework of civil law system in China, laid the foundation for the codification of the Civil Code。
General civil code fine traditional culture concept of our country, promote the socialist core values, emphasizing civil entities engaged in civil activities should follow the principle of voluntariness, fairness, integrity and principles; it should help conserve and protect the ecological environment; shall not violate the law, must not violate public order and morals。
General civil code to implement the State requirements on the realization of citizens' rights to protect the rule of law and improve property rights protection system, strengthen the protection of civil rights, civil subject to further clarify personal rights, the protection of property rights and other legitimate rights and interests protected by law as the Civil Code sub civil and commercial Code and special laws specific provisions provide the basis for civil rights。 After the General Civil Code by the contract, ownership and other property, civil liability and other details General under existing civil law also requires further co-ordination, system integration in the compilation of the sub Civil Code。
Temporarily abolished after the Civil Law by the General Civil Code, Civil Code and the General Civil Code provisions inconsistent with the principle of the new law is better than the old law, general civil code applicable provisions。 General of Civil vote, marking the first step in the work of Civil Code has been completed。
The second step will be the codification of the Civil Code of each sub-series, to be in 2018 as a whole the NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Standing Committee, after deliberation stages, fight the Civil Code in 2020 brought together various sub-series National People's Congress the meeting reviewed and, thereby forming a uniform civil code。
(Reporter Yang Weihan, Rosa) Editor: Liu Siyue。