Look at the time, dust-laden memories of the bottom of my heart, swirling in my memory, settling wounds hidden in my heart, but knowing it. Accustomed to walking in the text, I borrowed a plain note and strung all my thoughts together. Then, I piled up one text after another in the flat and level places.. Wen: The fence fell and the love met and separated. The beauty of the flower on the other side of the river brightened the pale time and locked a wandering heart for thousands of years while sleeping and laughing.. From then on, happy with your happiness, worried with your troubles, with the mournful beauty of missing, dancing lightly in the skirt, knowing that there is no future, but still dancing on the words alone, hoping to spin out the most beautiful dance, and become your deep thinking in your heart!     However, miss always lingers on such a night, traveling through tang style, passing through Song Yu, accompanied by a green light, repeating over and over again, remembering the little bit by bit about you, and telling the thoughts and cares one after another.! There is a gap in happiness that cannot be bridged. It can’t reach the end and can’t touch the real temperature bit by bit.. Fear, one day, no matter how to cherish, will not pull back a happy distance. From then on, it will be silence, and the world will no longer remember to ask each other again. Later, I will be left alone in this world of mortals with all the vicissitudes of life.!     That day, Na Yue, that year, this life. Memories are strung together, hiding behind time and counting the days we have passed. Shaohua is far away, willfulness is no longer, we are all gradually calm and mature. In the prime of the year, we did and treasured it. Spring and summer, autumn and winter, life is like a grand performance. When it comes to the end, people will always be scattered. The desolate time will not take away all our memories, and I believe I will accompany you through every wisp of time when you need it. You laugh, if you dream of floating, what we walked together outside Qian Shan is called forever.     The hourglass of time precipitates the past that cannot escape, and the hands of memory always pick up those beautiful sorrows. The wings of youth cut through the memory of pain; Yesterday’s tears stirred up ripples in my heart. When time has passed, when things are different, when feelings become tired, when the world is full of black, when experiences are said to be doomed, when life makes me regret. Entanglement is an endless reality that I cannot control and look at.     We are like two straight lines, but after crossing, we are gradually moving away. I think my feelings for you have long been disconsolate, but whenever I touch them, I miss them like lines without interruption.. It has been a few years since the song was finished with tears and fingers.. Looking back at a long distance, once close at hand, now the end of the world.     I look back at the deep feeling and weak water in my eyes, and the time in my imagination is warm like water, caressing your earnest thoughts and airing every sentence in the sun.. Like a long and long dream, between the ups and downs, your hair is on the line.. If the water calls gently, the distance will be wrapped lightly and the mind will never be broken.. In the eyes of the pro – lai, there are 3,000 years of acacia like water pouring into the world of mortals at this time, graceful and restrained, nimble, gentle and gentle, and light smile … Ah, through the beauty of the Japanese, a little bit of rendering, surging, like tide … shy; Standing at the end of May, listening to the purples of a flower, collecting it in the eyes of the wind and frost, and then going to the end of the world. It turns out that no matter how noisy the guests are, they will be alone in the end.. Looking back blankly, there are thousands of feelings, which has become a stranger to the world of mortals. Keep at the window of the fine carved window, pious hold a paper of gorgeous function words, not language, not hurt, straight stop spring grass flow rate.     This kind of infatuation, but always hurt, the third firework only got love for a lifetime, and how much affection did I have to give in exchange for true love. Wish to have one heart and one heart, and keep the white head together.     A song of Qing Dynasty, sung by strangers all over the world, has not yet been returned. A sleeve full of fragrance cannot smell back where the flowers bloom and fall. A cup of turbid wine, drink not finished laughing to start voice gradually disappear. A cavity away from hate, grief not past lives wounds of love.     The person who loves chi must have a dying heart, and this heart is fragile. May I write the words of the beautiful and snowy moon, and never touch the love that hurts my muscles and bones again. A person, a heart, wait all his life. A person, a city, love dearly all his life. A person travels, takes a strange road, looks at a strange scenery and listens to a strange song until one day you meet a person who loves each other and finally understands that all searching has a process. Once upon a time in the end of the world, now only at hand.     Miss locked me up. I’ve spent my whole life reading, coming like flying flowers and scattering like smoke..     Heart eyes, spare the lovesickness a wisp of sorrow.