Thirty years ago, my brother graduated from a senior technical school and was assigned to work as a material worker in a mechanic factory. As a material man, there is no shortage of anything in the family, and a big tile house will be built in three years. This sentence is no longer valid in my brother’s home. After getting married, my brother will pick up a small kitchen, ranging from timber, bricks and tiles to cement to a nail, all of which will be purchased from outside.. For this reason, everyone in the unit called brother fool. Which parents can tolerate outsiders insulting their son in public? Besides, the son is right. Is it stupid not to take advantage of the public?? Father flew into a rage, pointing to the man’s nose, and said, ” Since Pangu’s creation, there have been several people who have taken bribes and embezzled money and extorted grease from the people.? Not without retribution, the time has not come. What my father said was a prophecy. Thirty years later, my brother had already been transferred to work thousands of miles away from home. One day, several public security bureau members came to verify one thing, and investigated the discrepancy in his brother’s library of materials in detail. His brother’s factory director was exposed to corruption, planting something on his brother, and his brother took out a small notebook from which he had been discharging materials. It was clear and clear that the factory director’s rumor of framing his brother was not self – defeating, and even public security bureau investigators admired his brother..     Brother is really not simple. He can’t learn any technology from the materials staff. Later, the children of ordinary families will be the means to earn a living. He will take the initiative to study maintenance and distribution in the workshop … Ah, in a few years, he will become a famous technical authority in the local area. Now he is already a famous technical director in the machinery industry.. Brother Fool, what a fool?