March 21, according to the New Zealand Herald Chinese compilation report, New Zealand informed the police today (21 May) that 20 pm local time to find a body in Waihi of HomungaBay, police believed to be missing after a Chinese fisherman。   March 11, two Chinese men fishing in the area。 The same day, a father and son are fishing in the area, suddenly found a floating corpse, inform the police at about 14:30。 The police informed the next day, killed a man's name is YingboXu。
After that, the police have been looking for their peers。   The two men have been described as "primary fishermen" from China, lived in Hamilton。
  20 pm, police found a body in HomungaBay, believed to be missing after a Chinese man, an official of the identity of the remains will be officially confirmed later 21。 Cause of his death will be handed over to the coroner to investigate。