Sunlight in winter and morning is especially warm in the mountain village. She is pale but dyed with lux and has just slipped down silently from the treetops and roofs. In the northwest corner of the village, the place formed by the connection of houses and walls only shines half the sunlight on the west wall, and people are coming here one after another. It seems that some people are willing to enjoy this negligible morning shower from head to foot..     At this time, the old people were still lying in bed, and the women were waiting on the children to eat and go to school. Only some men who could not sleep late came here to bask in the sun in warm clothes and as if habitually.. They hold arms in both hands, or copy sleeves to keep warm, or stamp their feet to keep warm. They also hold children in their skirts, and have cigarettes or sunflower seeds in their mouths.. The heaven-sent morning light brought the frost on the ground to the shady place and warmed people’s hearts. There are several such occasions in a village.     After a year of hard work in winter, although there is no’ winter leisure’ nowadays, by contrast, there is always less living and falling, and there is no need to go to work before breakfast and after supper. Therefore, this custom of early sunshine has entered the life of mountain people.. From the point of view of surface gathering, chatting and comforting, it is similar to the summer night garden, but the content of the discussion and the related mood are different: the focus in summer is to analyze the year after the harvest of summer grain and hope for a good harvest; This period is to show the results of one year’s harvest, find out the experience and plan for the coming year.. Well, the Zhang family’s plastic greenhouses have a high income, Li family’s cash crops have taken the big head, several irrigation canals under the mountain roots have benefited greatly, and Wang Tang’s farming has sold a good price. Who else wants to build a new house and who wants to buy a car? How many families have lived a rich life; The whole village was stripped of poverty and became a topic of sunshine. Nature also has Chinese and foreign news, ancient and modern stories, local jokes interspersed with them. Therefore, on this occasion of early sunshine, everyone feels warmer and warmer, and has more taste in the sun..     When the sun rises to the south-east and the group of talents break up and go home to eat and put on’ winter work’, it will become a place for the elderly and housewives to bask in the sun, play chess, play cards and amuse young children, and they will not give up until they reach the west corner of the sun..