> busy after going to college is disgusting.   I thought I could go easy when I went to college. How could I expect to be busier than that nightmarish senior year and suppress it a thousand times?. Sitting in front of the computer, I want to play some games, listen to some music, watch movies, or update my blog. Even these seemingly small entertainment events can’t get what I want, because I can see many small notes full of work arrangements posted on the wall with a slight lifting of my eyelids.. In addition to the weekly courses, there are meetings that are too crowded to be filled with water, various activities that are irrelevant but must be attended, many expert lectures that don’t go without second-class credits, student union work that is full on hand, manuscripts to be written, and homework to be handed in, so that they will have to be reviewed soon after the end of the term in order not to hang up their studies.. Like mountains pressing me to death, I can’t even sigh with depression.   I’m already busy like this. I sleep at 6: 00 a.m. every morning, dark circles appear to be painted with ink, eat with upside down, walk like fleeing, take a bath and wash clothes at the same time in order to shorten the time. I dare not even go to the library near the dormitory.. I think anyone can collapse at any time on a day like this unless it is Iron Man. But ostrovsky only told me how the steel was tempered, but he did not tell me how the steel man was tempered.   However, even if they are already busy like this, they still can’t keep up with their pace, and even their figures are getting smaller and smaller and more blurred under my chase..   Their expression is always light and their outline is always radiant.. In the first-class institution of higher learning that makes people jealous and bloodshot, they pulled out a wry smile that seemed dissatisfied with themselves and said, alas, they only won a second-class scholarship, but they couldn’t get it first – class. As soon as they have time, they will complain that CET – 6 is too difficult to learn, and then they can easily shuttle between various English clubs and cope with it with fluency and no difference from foreigners.. When they are free, they get into the library and sit for an afternoon.. The reason why they didn’t update their blog every day was that they went out to play and didn’t have time.. They hold high positions in the student organization, but no amount of work is enough.   As the saying goes, people are better than dead people, and they seem to live in order not to let others live.   They are everywhere, never higher than they can reach, and even looking up at them will be dazzled by their brilliance. As for myself, even if I work 1,000 times harder, 1,000 times harder, and 1,000 times harder, I will never stop working every moment and every second, and in the end I will still be ordinary, like a black-silk bulb, only emitting dim light.. So after being busy, I can’t help asking myself why they can’t do it.   Is it because it is destined to be only an ordinary person?   > > those extraordinary people. Spider – Man, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Alice in the Biochemical Crisis. They have extraordinary abilities and miraculous powers. They do things like punishing criminals or saving the world and lead extraordinary lives.. Or, like Mr Confucius, you can say that there is no teaching and that you can mourn the dead by the river for days and nights.. However, we are not qualified to grieve. We can only sit in the coffee shop and sigh while stirring hot milk and coffee, listening wearily to the sound of the passage of time with slow music..   After reading the US captain’s regulations, I look forward to the release of Titanic’s 3D edition and Madagascar’s 5 Madagascar 5. I also look forward to all kinds of Hollywood blockbusters released in summer, such as the rise of Batman’s night knight in amazing spider-man’s Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Life Crisis 5: Punishment Regulations.   So – and – so TV series will wait for tomorrow’s next episode when this episode is finished. Today’s TV series will have a big ending. What TV series do you think will be put on tomorrow?.   After leaving, I began to look forward to meeting again. But to go anywhere is always to leave any one, so there is no end to parting and reunion.   Looking forward to the upcoming movie, tomorrow’s series and meeting you again. Every day is wrapped up in formal expectations, and then continues to remain in the world like a worm, perhaps this is the life of the so-called ordinary people.   > > > recently, I was particularly fascinated by Mr Borges’s article, eating the garden of branching paths day and night, the two kings of the Convention on biological diversity and the two maze regulations, etc., so that all thoughts entered the maze, circling all day long between the past, present and future, like an infinite number of decimals, extending enough to exceed the universe’s length in the cycle and cycle, but it continues to cycle and extend.   Write a story in Mr Borges’s style.   A young spy was ready to kill an old spy. At the moment when the bullet flew to the old spy, the old spy remembered shooting an old spy when he was young, and at that moment the old spy also remembered shooting an old spy when he was young. At that time, the old spy also remembered shooting an old spy when he was young … Ah, it’s amazing. The present moment can include the present moment of the past, and the present moment of the past can include the present moment of the past and the present moment of the past, and then it will go on like this.. That is to say, if you want to write a complete story, it is impossible, even the God who said that if there is light, there will be light will not be able to do it. This is Borges – style maze ( its own name ), there is no way out. Once it enters, it will wait for the next cycle instead of Godot in the cycle and eventually sink and nirvana in the infinite cycle..   It is natural for Mr Borges to construct such a vast and infinite maze and think about similar problems every day, but what is it to me. Or to put it another way, extraordinary people think extraordinary things, which is taken for granted. What is it that ordinary people think extraordinary things.   Like Snow White and you both want to meet Prince Charming.   Like hong xiuquan and you both want to be polygamous, harem 3000.   It’s like Guo Jingming and you both want to have a big stack of yuan.   Then I’ll ask you again, ordinary people think extraordinary things, what is it. The unrealistic fantasy for you and me is a mirage in the desert or a desert in the mirage.   > > > > is it self-deception or self – deception, what’s the difference.   > > > > > but you all don’t understand the extraordinary loneliness, just as you don’t understand the world of ba god.   In the end, the world is dominated by ordinary people, who are in the minority after all. They live at a height of 9km from the ground, and the few companions around them are often not enough to gather together a table to play mahjong.. Su Shi said, dancing to find out the shadow, what seems to be in the world. It means standing at such a high place without friends and feeling like a man from Mars.This is a free translation. Don’t write like this during the college entrance examination. Deduct points to kill you.   You don’t understand, but I do.   I used to walk up the mountain level by level. I can’t reach the mountain for 9km, and there will always be 4, 500m.. At the foot of the mountain, an old friend shouted to me, hey, friend. Then I also shouted down, hey, friend. Although there is no difference between them and the friends who shouted at the foot of the mountain, the feelings passed out after the 4,500 – meter – high air flow barrier have changed seven or eight times and cannot be consistent. They are as different as the girls who separated after the age of seven and saw each other at the age of seventeen. It sounds like shouting hey, fuck you, they just didn’t put up their middle fingers.. This kind of diaphragm makes the cold and loneliness even sharper, even beginning to invade from the pores. I couldn’t stand the growing cold and loneliness, so I stepped down again and again.   You see how smart and comfortable I am now, with friends around me, friends around me, friends around me, and lovers around me. I don’t have to worry about anything or worry about the image, because I’m not a person who is looked up to by all people.. I was among them. The things here especially refer to trivial things. And here I can also replace you.   So let’s say, everyone who knows me knows that the first part is not about me.   > > > > > > well, it took a long time to write a little empty things, you also look tired, relaxed moment came again, here is a interesting topic I carefully arranged.   Past and present. The present past. The past in the past. Past and future. Future past. Future future. Now, now.. The present and future. Future present.   The past, the present, the future, the past, the present, the present, the future, the present, the future, the present, the future, the present and the present.   The question is, what are the various tenses above.   > > > > > > > who didn’t think about the above questions and told me I would treat you to Haagen – Dazs, hee hee.