[ Editor’s Note ]Only one drunk can solve thousands of worries. Who can lie drunk for thousands of years? You no longer see the boundless mountain after another, but you don’t know when the bright moon will be round.? The dream of deep drinking and shallow drinking is another millennium life. We often see people who are reasonable and steady at ordinary times. Once they drink too much, their faces will change and so will people.. Or a mouthful of filth, vomit a rant, say what you dare not say at ordinary times; Or borrow wine to run wild and do what you dare not to do at ordinary times. It can be described as’ drunk’ and’ full of state.     In fact, it’s more than drinking too much to get drunk? Some people will be ” drunk” if they have too much money. The heavy money here does not mean that he can have as much money as Bill & Bull. Gates is one-to-one but only compared with the people around him. His pockets are bulging.. Originally, when he didn’t have much money, he was still a good man. He spoke and did things in a well-organized way and did nothing wrong.. However, once sent, the mind immediately swells, feeling that there is only oneself’ really high’ between heaven and earth, not only dismissing’ all sentient beings’, but also ignoring Lao Tzu, his mother – in – law.. Money and alcohol – like sometimes, can anaesthetize people’s nerves.     Can anesthesia into the nerve, and official positions. The officer will be ” drunk” when he is big. Some people, when they are ordinary people, are kind and diligent in their work. Once he put on his black hat, he felt as if he had drunk two catties of old and white work in one breath, his nerves immediately numb and he was dazed. He spoke and did things quite differently from him when he was not an official.. When I saw my subordinates, I looked askance with my head high, and I was domineering in the unit.. Some even left the laws and ethics of Party discipline behind, abusing power for personal gain, enriching money with power and hunting for color with power.. Standing on the edge of the cliff was completely unaware of the danger and was more delirious than a drunk..     Drunks sometimes sober up, and these corrupt officials sometimes wake up, that is, when they are in jail. For example, Li Zhen, the former head of the State Taxation Bureau of Hebei Province, became particularly sober after he was reduced to death row because of corruption and bribery. He said to the investigators, ” I just understand now that money can lead a heaven-like life, but it can also send you to hell.”. ‘ Li Zhen’s awakening was really too late for him, but for those who still lingered on the edge of the cliff, it was a dose of’ anti – hangover’ medicine..[ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]