Last year, I received a phone call from my father today. He said, ” Your grandmother is gone.”. I left at about three o’clock in the morning today. You’d better ask for leave to come back and give her a final ride. I was not surprised to hear the news, because my mother had already called to tell me that grandma was in serious condition and was moaning and groaning in the hospital bed day and night. It is estimated that time is running out.. After I put the phone down, I went to ask for leave of absence from the leadership. He said that grandma’s death at the age of 90 was also a funeral and advised me to mourn. He looked at his watch and said that there was a meal at noon that he wanted me to go too. I didn’t refuse, and drank heavily between pushing a cup and changing a lamp.. After drinking heavily, he hurried to his funeral home. Today is the first anniversary of grandma’s death. I sat in my chair and tears rolled uncontrollably..   When I hurried home, it was already sunset, and the giddy twilight covered the earth. My family and I drove to my uncle’s house. By the time it was dark, the suona team was playing the suona at the door, sometimes with a low and mournful voice and sometimes with a loud and clear voice.. Both sides of the hall were full of people, with mourning cloth wrapped around their heads. In the MC’s shouting ceremony, we knelt down nine times and knocked at the head. For the table with grandma’s portrait, while the white candle light I looked at grandma’s wrinkles in the portrait, with a smile on her face. I think she will always be like this, old and happy. After the ceremony, I slowly went to the main room. Grandma lay quietly inside, a green oil lamp lit in front of her. My mother knelt down beside my grandmother’s body in a mourning dress. I looked up and looked at me tearfully and said in a mute voice, ” Your grandmother has gone …” I knelt down with my mother for a moment in silence.. I always think this scene is false and grandiose, and it will only happen in nightmares. I knelt there without a drop of tears. Grandma’s smiling face appeared in front of my eyes.   We stood in front of the coffin the next day when Grandma was in the funeral.. My uncle respectfully cleaned her face with clear water. Mother muttered to herself next to her: ” Mom, you go well.”. You have been thinking about your hometown on the bank of the Yellow River. You go to journey to the south and find Grandma and Grandpa … ” I looked at Grandma’s face and thought that I would never see Grandma again and tears rolled down..   On the way to the funeral, I thought of grandma waiting for us at the door on crutches during the Spring Festival and Mid – Autumn Festival. I thought of grandma buying me cotton candy and pea cakes at the temple fair when I was a child. I thought of her picking ripe red persimmons for me in the persimmon garden. I thought of the last time I visited her and she was smiling at me in a hospital bed … Ah, I wipe away tears and burst into tears..   The sunset gradually settled on the horizon, and the night was coming. The mother sat in front of grandma’s grave looking like she had lost her mind.. I helped her up and said, ” Mom, let’s go.”. Grandma is at rest and will not suffer any more pain. She wants us to have a better life. We should live well and make her happy.. Mother slowly stood up and looked pale and said, ” I really wanted to let your grandmother die when she was suffering from pain in the hospital bed, and there will be no pain after she dies.”. Now she’s really gone. Just now, I saw people fill her grave with earth and the coffin was covered with earth. My heart was very sore.. I think it would be better if a seed were buried in the soil and would take root and sprout again.. ‘ said, my mother and I were in tears. The dark night is boundless, covering the earth, covering the village, and seems to cover the boundless past as well..