[ Original Text ]Motherly love is like the sea, but fathers love mountains. My parents have brought up several children in obscurity, but we have 100 or 1000 excuses not to go home. They don’t have much time. Is it true, as people say, that when you want to repay your parents, it may be too late forever?.   Father is old, this is what I saw him suddenly discover after three months, his hair is all white, his body is obviously hunched down, his ears are a little back, he speaks very loudly, sometimes he can’t hear, he looks at you with a smile, ” oh, oh” promise. My mother said that during this period, my father slept early, got up early and coughed badly at night, and asked him to go to the hospital to check. He was very stubborn and always said, ” It’s okay, old and slow, just don’t smoke.”. Besides, he no longer cares about you and does his own thing.     In my very small memory, I seldom have dinner with my parents. When they came back from the field, we all had to sleep. We didn’t get up in the morning, and they went down again. We have six siblings and the family is very poor. My parents work day and night, but they still owe debts every year.. Father said very little. He never beat or scolded us. However, if anyone doesn’t want to go to school, father will be very unhappy. He will smoke silently, eat silently and work silently.. We are afraid of father’s silence. What I remember most is the wild fruit he often brings to us from the mountains. He will divide the fruit into several portions because he knows that there is a daughter who never competes for it. I grew up very introverted and did not like to compete with my sisters for food. Father will leave me a lot, he will wear mulberry fruit into a string with grass stems, like a purple pearl necklace, and quietly put it on my book. Sisters often don’t really tell him he is eccentric. Father always smiles and never explains anything.. The’ mulberry fruit necklace’ has always been in my memory. In my heart, it is more expensive than diamonds..     In 2009, my father was ill and suffered a sudden cerebral infarction. When he was pulled to our hospital by an ambulance, I couldn’t help crying. My father’s mouth was askew and saliva flowed down his mouth.. Because of his illness, his jaw muscles were completely paralyzed and his legs could not move. When it is detected, it is lacunar brain obstruction. The attending doctor said that if the treatment is well coordinated, the effect may be very good. If the brain is further blocked, it may be paralyzed for life or even life – threatening.. Father was silent for a moment and told us with his hands that he wanted to go home and didn’t want to be treated. I remember him laboriously saying,’ I’m dead and can’t let you have both money and money.. ‘ Our sister and brother all cried and became ill like this. Are they still thinking about their children? We persuaded him to stay in the hospital only after we said either good or bad things.. For more than 20 days, our sister and brother took turns feeding him food and massaging his hands and feet. Because of muscle paralysis and difficulty in eating, we had to feed him some liquid through a straw, and someone had to hold his chin with his hand. Otherwise, the straw could not suck anything in.. It was the most painful day for our family. Perhaps father was too simple and honest and kind. God gave him a miracle. After more than 20 days, he actually returned to his best state.. Can walk slowly on crutches, another week, crutches are no longer used. Experts in the province were surprised, but we knew it was timely treatment, and we kept massaging his hands and feet at ordinary times, adding that his father seldom used drugs at ordinary times, and the effect was very good.. However, after this serious illness, his father’s body was obviously thinner than before. When he returned to his hometown, he praised everyone, saying that filial piety saved his life. In fact, he didn’t know how we could repay our parents’ mountain of love, such as the kindness of the sea.?     Every New Year’s Day holiday, my mother will prepare a lot of delicious food. Due to work, our sister and brother seldom go home, and my father will wait for us at the entrance to our home. From morning till noon, as my brother and I will go home from the opposite direction, my father will walk slowly along the road to the east and then back to the west, looking constantly, he will quickly go up to see if there are any of his children. Every time he goes home, he can see his father’s slightly hunched figure at a distance and warm heart.. When I saw my father, I saw my home and the harbor where I could talk about my troubles and rest.. Father saw us get off the bus and boasted, ” I knew you were in this car.”. ” hey hey” to simple and honest smile.     In recent years, my parents are getting old. My sister took them to Shanghai to help in their clothing factory. I didn’t often go home when my parents were in their hometown. Now they have gone far away, but I feel homeless and miss them very much.. On the phone, my father’s old voice choked me. I would think of’ mulberry fruit necklace’, the figure of my father hunched over in the car, my father smoking silently, smiling and watching his children tease me, washing dishes silently and sweeping the yard.. Sometimes when I see an old man the same age as my parents in the street, I can’t help but come forward to see if they are father and mother.?     A mother’s love is like a sea, but a father’s love is like a mountain.. My parents have brought up several children in obscurity, but we have 100 or 1000 excuses not to go home. They don’t have much time. Is it true, as people say, that when you want to repay your parents, it may be too late forever?.     My tears flow down my cheeks unconsciously, father, do you know? Your slightly hunched figure will always be a concern in your daughter’s heart.[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]