The years passed away slowly in our sonorous voice, and even the younger brother came out of the society full of studies. We no longer have to wear glue overnight to spend mammy, and we can easily buy some delicate and charming flowers to worship your old man’s house.!   In April, the annual Tomb Sweeping Day, and the day of worshipping Mammy ( Grandma ), the wind and rain did not change.! At every Qingming Festival in which Mammy has been away for almost 20 years, we have all come to sacrifice. In Zhongshan, Mammy is our first ancestor. She has come from Guangdong to Guangdong with different local conditions, and Mammy has also been buried in the grave..     The mountain in April was full of green, and the place where Mammy slept was chosen by her father and his people, a mountain waist full of pine trees. Father came to cut a mountain road early the day before the worship ceremony every year, otherwise it would be difficult for us to get up. This year, my mother and father also came to cut the road so that the road would be wider. My real mountain sister may have not climbed the mountain for too long, so she was particularly timid. She also asked my sister to help me on the way to the mountain because I was panting too hard and saw the beautiful wild red cuckoo when I leaned against the pine tree and gasped, making the red cuckoo look particularly delicate and charming and dripping against the surrounding tall pine trees..     The old friend has been going west for many years. The mother who once lived alone with us! As for Mammy, my sister and I may have the deepest memories in the younger brothers, because the life we once faced together was due to the hardships and joys we had gone through together, Mammy was a very kind-hearted woman, a young woman who came from the old society and was once a maid of a large family and later let grandpa be redeemed as his wife. The hardships of the old society and the early adoption of the baby alone gave mammy a strength unmatched by women of the same generation. My mother once said that uncles did not hesitate to force mammy to remarry in order to want some of the industries in our family at that time, but mammy did not bow down, but came slowly with her young and sickly father in the strange eyes of others, listening to his father say that even he had never seen his own father. I really can’t imagine how mammy raised my father in the small mountain village in Gaoshan depression at that time and sent him to school.! Mammy, who doesn’t know the words, actually likes the reader very much. She once said I: You love reading so much and I will send you a load of books as a dowry when you marry later ( it’s a pity that Mammy didn’t wait for me to get married ). My father said that when I was young, Mammy took him to plant seedlings. My younger father didn’t understand the fear, and he climbed up the stone on the edge of the field to play on his own and accidentally fell down from the stone more than 6 meters high. I really can’t imagine what Mammy scare looked like at that time. I still vaguely remember that there was a dragon eye tree on the edge of the stone with two layers now.? Dad said Mammy told him the land father-in-law had received it, so it was all right. When she finally moved down from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, Mammy took our sisters without doing farm work. Mammy loved to hold a sunflower fan in her hand at that time and knocked us on the head with a fan when we were disobedient ( Mammy never scolded us loudly ). She also often stood at the edge of the sungrain farm in summer calling for our nickname with a fan. Remember when a beggar came from our small village, the rice at that time was quite precious. Mammy poured the rice she was trying to eat in her bowl into the beggar’s bowl and told him to leave quickly and don’t frighten me. Life is still very hard when mammy was born, but the mammy in my memory is very optimistic. I have never seen mammy cry, no matter she is ill or poor, unlike me, she cried when she cut her long hair too short for me. mammy laughed at me: your grandma is still alive, but she will soon be born again. mammy used to smoke a hookah and thump, or it may be like this. the trachea is damaged and coughs frequently. family often call doctors to give injections to mammy at home, and once mammy is ill again. we really do! Dear Mammy went away in regret without enjoying our reward, with the poverty of the family at that time and the happiness of her, with the wish that she could see the birth of her younger brother at that time and that we had finally built our own home in Zhongshan..     Years passed away slowly in our sonorous voice, and even the younger brother came out of the society full of studies. We no longer wore glue overnight and spent mammy. We can also easily buy some delicate and charming flowers to worship your old man’s house.! In front of the tomb where your old man’s family reposes, there are sincere offerings from our successors. Sister said, ” Will grandma know if she will see us today?”? I said yes, I will! Mammy in the cardigan will certainly! Because of our happiness, our happiness is the wish of her old man’s house and the blessing of her old man’s house.!! I always want to wait for the day when I have this ability, I will write a record of the bumpy life of our family, including the story of each of us. It cleared up again, and mother smiled and said, ” Even the weather is beautiful now, which was supposed to rain.”.     Diligence and firmness have made every member of our family successful. Although our life still has some shortcomings to run in, I know that as long as we work hard and carry Mammy’s optimism in the face of life, we can always find patches of sunshine in the wind and rain.!![ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]