[ Original Text ]In the past years, the beautiful love has turned into a kind of affection that will not be abandoned.. More than 30 years of exposure to each other is happy, and it is also valuable for the impetuous marriage and love now..     They got married 30 years ago by turning back the calendar.     The place where they live is a small county within a hundred miles, and the county seat is not big either. However, the outline of the city wall of the county seat is clearly visible, and the city gate building, crenels and broken city walls even bear the original mark.. What east fort, west fort, middle fort, Shuncheng street and sanguan temple is, at best, a tuchengzi that is not more than two miles long and not more than five hundred meters wide.     Remember it was a winter, the north wind with a frightening scream. The posters in the street were torn into strands, and the poor colored paper fell from the frozen paste and curled up in the corner of the room. A whirlwind blew in and was swept up into the sky, scraping away with the broken branches and leaves..     In the conference room of one unit, a conference is being held to welcome the representatives of the poor and lower middle peasants to the management.. The director of the unit’s revolutionary committee is spitting on the great significance of its presence.. Inferior tobacco smoke pervaded the whole meeting room, and from time to time someone choked and coughed. Wei dong, who was sitting by the door, opened the door quietly with a crack, and a cool breeze blew in, inadvertently blowing the bangs of a female comrade who was stationed in charge.. The female comrade turned her face gently, glanced at Wei dong carelessly and smiled gratefully.. At the same time, she fanned the smoke drifting to the front with her consciousness.     Weidong’s face was flushed with brush. Her smiling smile, the elegant posture of hand – brushed smoke, and the pink scarf around her neck were suddenly fixed in Wei Dong’s heart. At last, the chairman of the revolutionary Committee finished, and the representatives of the poor and lower-middle peasants who were stationed in the area spoke. See her, slowly walked to the front, beautiful eyes scanning the people who came to the meeting, her eyes once again saw Wei dong, and a slight smile.     We’re from the countryside, and it’s the arrangement of the superior to enter the unit. I hope all the teachers present here will give us more advice and help us do a good job in the unit.. ‘ Say that finish, she deeply bowed to everyone. Compared with the heavy speech made by the chairman of the revolutionary Committee, everyone has not yet turned to god, and then received warm applause.     After the meeting, Wei Dong was left behind. Although he is young, he is also the head of a store. According to the arrangement of the leader, she was assigned to Wei Dong’s salesroom. After a few commonplaces, Wei Dong used his bicycle to carry her simple luggage and headed for the salesroom along the empty street against the chilly north wind..     At first, Wei dong still gave her a warning. after all, the family was a poor propaganda team. in addition to taking care of her life, the family was the leader of the’ movement’. In the coming days, she not only didn’t have a ” leader” faction, but also scrambled to do heavy work and dirty work.. Gradually, everyone’s impression of her changed. After a short period of time, she became a good manager of the unit..     Wei dong was afraid to look into her eyes, afraid she would smile at herself, and even more afraid to get along with her alone, even if he would rather be. When she comes home from rest, she will bring home a lot of local products from the countryside, and at the same time, she will give Wei Dong an extra share to take home for her parents to taste.. Often at this point, Weidong’s heart will produce involuntary sprouting.     A year later, the poverty propaganda team will leave and they will be assigned to better units. On the night she left, she asked Wei dong to go out for a walk. when she broke up, she said to Wei dong, ” will you say I stay in this unit?”? ‘ WeiDong eager and panic nodded.     She didn’t leave and stayed in the unit. She fell in love with Wei dong, and she married Wei dong.     In those days, getting married was not a public affair. We ate a few pieces of wedding candy, and all of us gathered together to buy thermos flask as a big object.. Eat meal is a luxury, can’t, revolution.     The past 30 years have passed quickly. Years of life, family and children, and struggle left them proud resumes, and the marks of life also climbed the corner of their eyes and hair temples..     When someone in the neighborhood was having a wedding, firecrackers made people sleep badly, and she heard a jubilant voice, just like her children had a wedding.. Looking at the festive floats and the bride in her wedding dress, her eyes flashed with youthful splendor and envy.. Wei Dong has heard her say more than once: ” You see how beautiful the children are now and how warm and moist the wedding is.”. ‘ WeiDong twilight woke up with a start. His heart is sour and his wife has lived for more than 30 years. When did we celebrate our wedding anniversary, when did we take the wedding photos, the expectations in your eyes, and your exclamations are just the condemnation to me!     Since then, Wei Dong has been looking forward to the wedding anniversary. He is quietly preparing to make an appointment with the wedding studio, but finally he can’t resist the excitement and has revealed the news with me.     Early that morning, I drove to the gate of Weidong’s house. It can be seen that Wei dong greeted her in the morning, and the old couple came downstairs with a bright face..I looked at them calmly and smiled. She was a little embarrassed. A wisp of red color passed through her cheeks and spread to her face..     The atmosphere in the studio was unprecedented. The couple, the couple and the children of our two families. Click, click, Meguiar’s flashing, click, click, happiness freeze, click, click, laughter.     Quiet. Wei dong cried, and she wept. Then, a burst of more violent and cheerful laughter rang out, accompanied by warm applause, and the children cried out happily..     In the dining room of the hotel, our two families pushed for a change of cup and Wei dong and her drank a cup of toast under the supervision of us and the children.. The smile, the satisfaction, and the tears of happiness were swallowed together with the wine..    [ Responsibility Editor: Min Min[ Original ]