On the afternoon of August 23rd, Gengyin’s year, it was cold between the restaurants, but the two or three drinkers were drinking, chatting and laughing.. The private dog is pregnant, lazy to play, prostrate at his feet and sleeping soundly. After cooking soup cooked, fresh fragrance into the nose, tipsy but want to drunk.     At that time, the mid-autumn is over, the autumn meaning is strong, every afternoon, the sky is dark. I studied in a restaurant and felt sleepy, so I moved to the shop door. But I felt the autumn wind rustling, refreshing and refreshing and refreshing, and I was inspired by God.. After months of falling in the daytime and staying in the restaurant, I came home from the starry night and had no spare time to bathe in fresh air.. There are young trees in front of the premises, but they are only two feet tall in front of them, so it is not surprising when they have jumped to more than four feet and are luxuriant in branches and leaves, and they have not been gaunt by the devastation of autumn..     The wall facing the street was originally sandy with grey walls. There was once a climbing tiger coming over the wall, but this one was born across the street from my boss.. I tasted that in the early morning and afternoon, in my spare time, when I was on a spiritual journey, I washed my eyes and refreshed my mind and realized that Zen was pure in heart, which was my favorite thing.. The wasteland outside the wall is lush with green grass, and it is also my place to climb high and look far away and travel far and wide.. How can developers choose this place to build walls and soil?. One night, there was no green grass, no sound of insects, no advertisement on the grey wall, and the creeper was afraid to go away with the wind..     At the beginning of buying a house, I tried to visit friends and friends in its premises, but no guests in the afternoon, but I saw friends invite friends to join me and choose a card skill.. I fear to be reduced to this point, so I always encourage myself. Although I am busy now with a large number of guests, and when I am idle, I have never been in danger of promotion.. Or reading classics, or reading books, both ancient Chinese and English will not be discarded. Even if I or Fu Qin voluntarily sent me, I will also try to express my feelings in writing, but also participate in meditation, clear my heart, improve one’s mind, and dare not or forget it.. Both from rong are prosperous, my heart began to return to calm. In this shop to make a living, to enter is prosperous, to leave is pastoral, has the feeling of striving, also does not reduce the meaning of repair, with the intention of joining the WTO, for several years has not enjoyed its present happiness..     Ou Xi, luckily!