Formerly read an article called “Dear crashed”, reading, deep feelings, I do not know is the envy of the text of the “I” or also “crashed”.    Take this position, my eye I saw a glimpse of you, then you very green ‘fresh’, the kind of sunlight and shade of green blurred, people move not opening the eyes, looking at you with the wind, from static to dynamic, and then to quiet, to calm a floating heart.    Since then, my eyes from time to time will be docked in your body, although you do not have eyes, nose, mouth, but I know, you must also look at me – when I do not pay attention.Wanted to give you a name, but it has been thought to take what is good, always feel you do not deserve, I think, “crashed”, the name made nice, but it is different and you, you always quietly, a touch of.You never “crashed”, maybe you and like me, like quiet, more hi move, but move it up.The other end of the fence you are, whether also feel the slightest frustration?I must tell you that there is a quiet heart, is a good thing, softly breathing, but you will not float up, this is a mood, a state of optimal life.    You with a kind of beauty, a world beyond the reach of the United States, the first time I saw your time, this is my mind flashed the idea.You anxious pregnant with someone else feel the joy and beauty, standing quietly savor.So now, your feelings for me also give it a little, not much, just a little bit, which became our “secret” is not a secret to share with others.    People by surprise was the arrival of autumn, or that it had to come and you did not pay attention.    Day after day, year after year.Minchun math, autumn, winter still far behind?Winter, years are passing, and over the years that spring, then summer, then next year?Far from it?Three days time, you say it slowly, then quickly to the October monthly exam, and after a few days, the period is up, then the original seem to think of it in the foreseeable future placement on the heels of Japan.You say it quickly, perhaps as the teacher said “the sky, look, a look at the subject, do not know what my mind was thinking” Capital Taste mouth with words that are spoken by a teacher, do have some charm, but also provides an overview of all the three days of real life.This does not, I do not see the sky, the ground, and when the subject is not looking at you, as said before, calm heart.A whole fall, you are still a green, but then looks bleak few.But fortunately, still green, light some light on some of it, not green like paint is painted like the United States.    Your final green also come to an end, not, precisely graded, like hyacinth at the withered – from green to yellow.There is still a little green color above, below an already yellow, sunshine, bright Jincan.That layer of some dark color, the original colors under fairly uniform mottled shadows become somewhat blurred, and suddenly thought of this sentence: spring and autumn yellow-green, but each Coorong.Then you, whether it is in this hustle and bustle of the earth in the years quietly enjoying the time with the transformation brought about by the dry-wing, yellow and green alternately, thereby precipitating it year after year?Is not it, Coorong?    A full day immersed in a sense of sadness, I do not know what the reasons are, also, or there are too many reasons for blurring the brain, the moment is still fired off letters, the next moment startled agitated inexplicable.Coorong, it is because I was tired?But other people do not stop it?They are also very hard ah, why not tired of it?Life is like sinking in your chest bang bang beating heart, you have to walk along its paces before they can run properly, I fear that the next moment it stopped advancing, life is so.A person’s life, if to savor, which will be able to discover the hardships, there is a feeling that told heart-breaking, until the weight of people breathe.My life was so difficult to travel yet, Coorong, you do?Why do you look so ease your life for it?    Your leaves are completely yellow, there is a haggard feeling the wind out of date, contained in the air this season with a peculiar sadness sad to spread out, you stand in that sad, deeply stained.How about you just do not, Coorong, I will, too, right.I’m sitting by the window, even if separated by a layer of glass also can feel.This location allows me to forget it, but Coorong ah, I should have left it, after the fear is not often you see a.Let’s go through a brief farewell, dear Coorong, have you spend the day really happy, at least, it was a whole fall silent solace.