Every time it comes to this, I feel that their life is a lot less stuff, although a lot more dull.But after also like.But, in fact, whether from an individual or from what point of view, people still have to pursue. Each person has to pursue, they are worthy of our admiration, but also because it looks like society, there is not much a dream, a dream come true. Yesterday chat with a friend, she is doing civilian, would be more busy, she said, she was sure, in this life has been studied constellation, later took this as their own interests, as his life.I also told her a few points. After said to him, I still feel most.In fact, we should all have a dream, pursue a limited Love to go. When we are still thinking about, when we can grow up, you can make money themselves. But now we see others, like age, children are read to kindergarten.We may have lamented the. Time is really where to go, are old, but we have done what it. Above this friend why I was saying must be done constellation, there is a small part of my influence, but more important is the influence of her friends.That said, this life we must live in luxury room, open luxury cars affect girls. The girl would have been very sensible, very playful, after graduation, I do not know what is stimulated, that idea has been. So even though many years have passed, many of her boys, girls are married, she did not worry. Of course, she was not just like she has been trying to improve their.While he has been to improve education, but also learned how to speak, how when dealing with others.Anyway, before I stop, I think she is particularly charming, her temperament worthy. So, I believe that one day she definitely realize their dreams, because dreams have around me have achieved. Really is not our dream is too small, we often feel that it is impossible.Has been not willing to resolve.So see what others do, we will do anything.See other people go to work, we go.See other people play, we go. See other people are admitted, we quickly choose a bar.Otherwise, the classroom we really only one person. Our first is a story about the business, this is what I always say. There was a girl, look ugly, she was studying very hard, but not very good at reading, does not really belong to the kind of smart.So the college entrance examination, she also did not admitted to undergraduate.Because the family is not allowed, so she also did not repeat. But she said she was not get into college, but one day, she must be a teacher of undergraduates. We think the next, that dream is not easy to achieve, all had their own specialties. Behind this man, also went to college, still it is not very out of color in the university.Specialty really no expertise, communication is not really glamorous.Let alone love, and there is no one to chase I do not know.But really did not talk about. But I know her, and each time the final exam, always afraid, because she will be very carefully each class. There is, each no class, she will not be in the dormitory, and not go out to play, but reading in the classroom. She will not read, her fear of mathematics.So she vowed not to back down at night, go out was killed by a car. The idea of being hit by a car, and he is scared whining, it quickly back.Time after time, is really down. We graduated, out looking for work.Then she also graduated from the undergraduate course, and so we all feel that society is not fun, you want to back to work, she has been admitted to a graduate student.This is a normal.He went to the provinces to read. When we think, how the cause has not yet improvement.She has come to realize, back to our alma mater to teach undergraduate. When we did not react, she became a teacher’s college, and our university or professional. Why do I have this man know so much about it.Because I often talk with in college, I will not read more than reading.But the really hard.I read the University of tourism, she still teach tourism.But I never do country tourism. And a lot of reading in our class will read it, and now still in the hotel to work, to eat, we certainly have a discount. So life, this really can not say, there is the rich world, nor the wise man of the world, as long as there is a dream, then we have to catch, maybe now we can not achieve, but step by step, over time, very scary. In our lives, maybe the people around us really do not like this example.But outside our circle.Many people have their own dreams.It has the same dream.Maybe we will feel that they really are not people. They might think, our life how is it so meaningless, how did not even pursue it.But it is undeniable that there are some people that the pursuit of happiness really is more to this world, benefited the most.Even do with love. There is a boy very general, not only, but handsome man.The boy was very childhood dream is to marry a rich man.In our Fujian, in our Quanzhou, Jinjiang, it should be said that people are the most wealthy, so he said to find Jinjiang. At that time we said, what people want to marry How about you, the money is certainly looking for rich, high handsome at that time the word has not appeared.He said, do not marry him, he would marry her.Also his direct, no effort, I will play with him. We arrived at the entrance, the first year we basically left.He does, the test for three years in a row.Repeat for 2 years.Why, because he not get into college.According to his words, the civil service exam to exam undergraduate.We say, or even a. He said, life events, it can not be considered.So, we read that universities do not love to read, and he still continues to test. Later he finally admitted, the examination of the Fuzhou to.Then later in college, he finally found a girlfriend.Behind him, classmates do not know his dream and asked us how it will look that way.The surface is very dissonant, ugly woman. But we say, you do not know what he thought. Then followed graduated, Jinjiang to take a civil service, took the test several times.Finally admitted. Finally found a civil servant, he was overjoyed at this, because in his original plan, not civil servants, as long as the money is on the line’s daughter.But still found the back.So graduating next year, the next day to get married, have a garage full amount. In fact, I have talked about this story in the previous text in.General also mentioned here have stopped. But the story is certainly there continue, because the real story, not a fairy tale, not, live happily ever after. And then followed by his second wife had had an accident, a big car accident.We went to his house several times, every time I see it is very hard to take care of very thoughtful.You say he is like money it?I will divorce you?No, it was like the dream of his heart. Back then, after he has run many places, his wife finally recovered, those who say true love than love more. Life is a lot of things that do not know, but one thing is that life that you have a dream, a dream we should chase. In fact, in our side, we really saw a man and a hard worker, who in the beginning, but also stupid than us, but to the back, because a little bit of accumulation, dropping water, so the final result than we are good. Even if, as we are that the students, not to find beautiful wife.But all right, at least have been pursuing.In case there are surprises it. In particular some time ago, has been seen students like us age, children are in elementary school.We really have to sigh.We really old.Just old people, our cause it, but in the end we made a number of meaningful things it. So, we really want in the morning when he set a target, giving himself a little dream.And then try to chase. Life is not long, it has been able to do something enough, you can do one thing can already be beyond the millions of people. Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.