Source: Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that Shen'ao power plant environmental impact assessment into being, although cast a key vote "EPA Deputy Director of" Zhan Shungui admitted the day before yesterday, compared with the past ultra-supercritical coal-fired units, is less polluting energy, but still clean energy。
But the "Premier" Lai Qingde, "Executive Yuan spokesman" Xuguo Yong, who still continue to express deep clean coal power plant and Australia, also took reporters to let people Linkou Power Plant "seeing is believing"; earlier this year, "Representative in Japan." Frank Hsieh to visit Yokohama, Japan Electric power development company "J-pOWER" Isogo thermal power plant operations, saying the use of ultra-supercritical power plant, is the most environmentally friendly power plants around the world, to put this concept to improve pollution correctly convey to the people of Taiwan。   Taiwan Clean Air Alliance member Xu Xinxin, said Frank Hsieh has external stresses from the beginning of this year, ultra-supercritical how good that is in the shop terrier, Frank Hsieh, whether or not the ring is Laiqing De workers, health professionals, such as Lai Qingde called "clean coal "has immediately hit the face。 Xu Xinxin said that the right to speak one-sided political figures should give information to justify their wrong decision。   Professor of Environmental Engineering Department of National Chung Hsing University Zhuangbing Jie reiterated that there was no clean coal this statement。
He said that last year the Taoyuan One machine operation after passing through the ultra-supercritical units, the Taoyuan air quality worse, there are observed this situation。
(China Taiwan Network Juanzi)。

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