Scorching summer, hot weather almost froze time of the Imagination.The heat was very hot, the person will be cured of longing.Same as the steamer space, as if to imprison all the thinking person.Bored on the occasion, he waved his hand, trying to drive away a house Zhuoqi.Yangyang Shou, like the removal of clouds horizon, but also a cool earth.Were scorched text, we can not express any emotion.The transpiration thoughts, and have lost the aura of the past.The lazy curled up, a negative escape.    Imagine the scene outside the window of wind and rain into the flower, imagine miracle Yurun green into a cozy poetry, doing a romantic speculation, a rambling fantasy.    Why always want to use a pen to describe the atmosphere as a Petty?Why always like to use words to describe the romantic and legendary empty?Nothingness speech a boring game.Long depression, some kind of heavy feeling in my heart for a long time of deposition.Rising from a strong desire to break through, do not want to promote too melancholy for no reason, I do not wish to over-emphasize the helplessness of loss.Why not take advantage of a good mood, to write a chapter in the text it should really belong?    Open doors and windows, watching the outside, the hot sun was a bit dizzy always set off waves of steam, always put people feel smooth breathing is not how Yede very.Living in air-conditioned house, enjoying the cool in the season is not the same.Also there is always a lot of emotion, but also always want to complain, send an untimely complaint.    Not far from the scene on a building site, firmly grabbed my attention.Due to close proximity, and therefore see very real.In addition to the man’s nose and eyes and can not see the pores of the body outside, but the specific characteristics of the human body, but people at a glance.    The bent figure, being forced to pushing a full two-wheeled metal gray cement sand car.Copper-colored skin, shining like the one kind of light oil.Although seems a little bit difficult, but the foot still firmly.Jiefang Xie wearing a pair of rubber feet, without the slightest stagger and stumble.He looked under the irradiation of light, engaged in heavy manual labor such situation that sweat flowing, you can close your eyes and imagine it.From time to time he would lift his hand, wiping a face, retract at the same time, the rejection of your hands, can be seen flying everywhere, like drops of water falling on the rain four.But at the same time he did not wipe, and stop their own pace.As with vigorous describe his legs, a little too exaggerated.But with a firm describe each step he took, but appropriately.    Because of his image firmly grabbed my attention, so I just make the lead step go outside, came to the side of the building site.Standing a shade, that person carefully the Duanliang.This time I found that this person will probably sixty-year-old light, but seemed a bit body has a little bending the light level is not.Oval face, his face shining with one pair of slightly muddy dull eyes.But the eyes revealing light, but appears to be very calm and determination.Do not know how long beard did not scratch, probably refers to a long, thick in a circle around the mouth, and out into the temples along the cheeks, intermingled with a little gray.I do not know the reason because of the face did not wash for a long time, or the course of time the wind and sun, shining bright black layer of oil.Coupled to the leaching of sweat, and mixed with a thin layer of dirt, so that such light flashing a different kind of light under the sun.Time of imprinting, but very obvious engraved on the face.Forehead covered with ravines, I do not know want to stop the sweat flowing down, or re-tell and do not face considerable age.Unkempt hair to weed the same, haunt in the head, like a long time not to wash your hair.I do not know tired, or because the environment does not allow.    Limbs strong, so that the body’s muscles this man’s unexpected with a block of long-term overload caused by physical labor.Maroon skin, covered with a piece of bulging muscles, tanned skin sweat after dipping, auspicious shining bright light in the sun.This scene, can not but arouse my reverie.Because the shade, I still sweat all along the back of the skin, like the beaded same trickled.Moreover, emphasis is also subjected to physical labor of people do this, age greater than I am ten years old people do.    I saw this person, this person was pushing a wheeled metal cart, still trying to push it gray sand.Although the push up, do not look how difficult.But under extremely hot weather two dog days of summer, this labor intensity can make people dream up what kind of condition it.The man pushed more than a dozen cars in a row, probably lasted nearly an hour left, plus I look in the window of the second ten minutes, which is a half-hour, I came to rest in the shade next to.Another similar age and his men went up to take his job.I also took the opportunity to chatter with him a few homemade.Slowly the old man took off his shoes, revealing a pair of white froth has been slightly swollen foot.    ”Dude, how old this year?”The old man replied: ‘sixty-two a’ ‘home, what people do?”” His wife, son, daughter, children are married.Everyone is too personal to go. “” Oh, you’re such an age, should take a rest and enjoy enjoy.When Grandpa yet?” ‘When the grandchildren were twelve years old.'” Oh, really man, this age also do such heavy work, able to stand it?” ‘Used to it, nor anything’, ‘You’re great,'” natural slut stabbed, you do not say a culture, and second, no other skill, not how to do it?”” Should enjoy all of a sudden, let your children reared.”” The children also say that, but you said I was a body on the idle uncomfortable, it might as well work out.You say the New Year it should be time to recover from it, but the rest, it also has problems, problems that have come.This work, nothing wrong to the.”” Do not you think your life a little bitter it?”The old man replied:” Well, people die each have their own bitter, right.You said Xi Jinping it, although I do not like this work, but national affairs, he must not worry about what.That effort cost more uncomfortable, I think not as I do.Although tired during the day pm, a dip bed to sleep whistling.General Secretary, fear is rare to have a stable feel.”I was moved, very good state of mind of the elderly.He asked to: “Dude, do you really do not feel bitter?””bitter?What does the pain?People have to work to live, in the past it was bitter point.Chairman’s, dry day living, tiring, go home, eat well.But the chairman is also bitter wow, North Vietnam, and finally Japan is not as small as letting people hit the door.This is also our people’s blessing wow, if you hit the door of her house, life there is not yet certain?”The old man then said:” People in my entire life, not just for their own sake.Then there is no strength, and the children would have to say I did not let.But I want to do, when to take advantage of their own dynamic, as much as possible not to give children trouble.When really I can not move, and let the children wait on it.The world is three-sixty line, the line is easy, that you can not line dry eyes staring think, is not it?”” At night you go home?” ‘No, the night live in the shed,'” you can take a bath?”” What bath to wash it, nor that condition, not so much stress, the sweat, you are such a person went to sleep in.We have a hard day, most look forward to is coming this time, and therefore can not attend to what is bad is not bad, fell asleep, sleep than a fragrant “Our conversation lasted about twenty minutes about.It turns gray old man pushed the sand, and I left.    I was walking like old man’s words, how simple words, but reveal a very profound truth.With their own labor in exchange for their own peace of mind.How much knowledge is not a person, but never go to others and conduct comparisons.    I walked looking back, looking at the curved spine of the elderly, who looked old maroon strange shining wonderful light sweat.Pondering usually not the usual words of the old man again, how the elderly feel now, then it is so sonorous?Like the blade as hurt my heart.How suddenly felt the image of the old man is so tall, sweat-old who can glory like a neon sign flashing gorgeous light.I salute you, salute you!No names of these people on the historical record, but China is the history of these people driving wheel forward, to write an account of that indelible.    Our city brick by brick, is through these people’s hands, a house of our city a house, have all these people sweat-soaked.    Some so-called civilized people dismissive of migrant workers, some so-called Jiejing who despised the whole body dirty smelly migrant workers, some people think that the so-called noble inferior migrant workers.Do they really dismissive of it, really dirty, smelly covered it, it really inferior?    Their souls are noble, their behavior is magnanimous, they are candid mind, their thoughts are pure.Their simple, not anyone comparisons.    Anyway, in front of them, I think I’m ashamed of.For they enjoy the treatment, I should feel guilty.Because I have complained to the treatment, but also because I was too trivial complaints.    Back to my own house, my house and look at everything at home, solemnly pen and wrote: “Tribute to bend the spine, as glistening sweat cheers.”