“Although hundreds of thousands of people living in a small place, trying to land ruined beyond recognition, even though they fly wanton stone ground, not to grow flowers and trees, even though they had just unearthed divisible grass, and the coal oil burned smoky, even though they are cutting the trees, birds and animals expel.In the city, after all, spring Spring.”- Leo Tolstoy’s” Resurrection “Yes, my eyes on the first spring I plant home-grown, fairy boxing buds grow, I cut off the old leaves of cycads, president of the tree at the heart tender leaves in the hands touch the dough, then grew bigger and bigger, leaves it in the hands of the hard touch, and at 5:30 I woke up, wash finished their future, they go into the kitchen cooking , the family after dinner, went into the park, came to the park to listen to a speaking acquaintance, a man yesterday in their kitchens clean the windows his death, life is so short, we have no reason not lived up to every day it’s wonderful?Live is good, because the only way I was able to perceive everything.Although I have entered middle age, but my heart is like a child of ignorance ah.I saw a bird hopping on the grass with my heart beating as it would jump for joy and I search for it with the eye next move, but it does quite fit me, do not fly, but stopped there , head held high, like a slim girl, I used the camera captured this moment.Lawn and garden fresh green hair, piles of grass began bursting hard land, the small green shoots emerge, Qieqie looking around, facing the footsteps of spring, enjoy yourself growing up process.Look at that in a bamboo forest, being the replacement of old, new leaves have grown, while the old leaves still cling to the bamboo, and refuse to leave the original alone with peach, now in the backdrop of green leaves under, out of beautiful flowers.There jasmine flowers as a golden canola flower open general.White magnolia bloom its smiling face, his own life enjoy the burn, dedicated to people watch, it is also the name of the purple Bauhinia flower buds, it attracted pedestrians to salute.Nature is wonderful wonders, giving a lot of new life.Life is a miracle, from where, and where to go on ad infinitum, like a deep beautiful melodies, endless beating.    Like all human beings and the natural world, we are beginning to grow from a young life, survival in reincarnation, honed in the years to come, in a mid-air frost getting old, and finally demise.Among these are happy, but also sad, everything is inseparable from the laws of nature.In the vastness of the universe, everyone must go through the seasonal cycle of seasons, no one can get rid of the shackles and fetters of nature.However, we must have a calm and quiet heart, to face everything, so that the spring between permanent heart.When I’m depressed unhappy, I would walk into the park, smell the flowers and the fragrance of the earth, the air sweet and tender feelings of breath; everything in the world to hear the birth of sound rhythm, feel the beauty of nature, let go the heart of the spring swing dust and worries.    Thanks to life, so I continue to grow.Thanks to life, so I have experienced so many things.Thanks to the spring, once again inspired me to create passion.Also thanks to this past winter, so I got a good rest.So, it is good to work it.The activities carried out last year’s summary of the reader, to carry out summary advice, reader satisfaction survey last year, the work process status of the entire museum, carded smooth and orderly rows of latitude and longitude lines, there are a number of programs to improve the work this year, weave a colorful grand blueprint.    Spring has come, the sowing season to.Fast like a bee-like burst into the ocean of knowledge, the fragrance of milk sucking, quickly honed work of the plow, see the sense of his own, into rows of poetic language to influence people’s hearts dry, as spring rain softly.    ”Spring is not pleasure, but fear is the idiot.”Seeking good scenery in March in a quiet flowers flowers, Ang tree lake cold dawn light, peach magnolia flower Bauhinia flower pear branches spring trouble, I was standing under a tree, it will be covered with an aroma.For getting married couples, a spring in the warm sun at peach, shoot wedding.Do not have a sweetness.All of these feelings spring, activates all the senses, touch lives, break the shackles, every bit of change, every note, every breath, all filed into the room.Between heaven and earth, there are no words of great beauty, waiting for me to discover, waiting for me to catch.