I am an optimistic person, so I always feel that the world is full of beautiful.A long time really is like this, although the world is a world.If cloudy thinking mind, it really is a cloudy day, thinking of the good is really beautiful. So, anyway, we have to think of a better world, this world is really more than we imagined to be the United States. Chat with friends, friends say there is no love in this world, because the newspaper is there will always be that way of example.I said, it will not.We look carefully, the newspapers are full of really caring send.Warmth, three rural areas, many moved us. Another friend said, 要一分为二 see the world.I said, I’m not so rigid, looking at the good things are okay. So, the world is still the same world, the same flowers or flower. Like roses, some people say, how has it tattooed flowers, so she pessimistic, but another person said that in a flower thorns.So, behind the man destined to live a relatively happy too, because she always saw the good. Three years ago a friend wanted to Taobao, she joined the circle in the field of a home, someone said that circle, can sell his goods, manufacturers can introduce to him.But I did not expect to go home and so after the resignation of the back, that person has to say but it is not empty. Just do not want to introduce her, he did not want to sell her goods. This man did not get angry, so he went to supply themselves, and then try to sell slowly.Back to doing well. In fact, in front of that person, and if so friends together to sell, they will sell well.But it still can make a lot of easy to get.But he is thinking about, like this will be more of a competitor.But it is silent friend go, never complained. In fact, on a friend, I admire her mind.Because she said something very beautiful words: In order to make her grow faster, he is really good intentions.I treat her as a compliment to listen to sentences. So, friends, everything that is her chance to grow.In fact, we think at all know. Friends like this person, life will be very happy.Because any thing for him is to let him grow. A friend, a little girl, romance, and romance for a year, but she is still very hard to accept. Especially in six months ago, he found a boyfriend and girlfriend, the more sad little girl. He said that in the space, I believe, my future will be better than him.But I know his heart does not fit, still love. I said, you do what it is now, a driver’s license test yet, should be reported to Securities Journal said last began to read it.She said, have not.She now do nothing, just watch TV every day, intoxicated with their own, nothing to think about, think life is too quiet. I believe that many of the boys to see like this, certainly there will be some sentiment. This girl, if we met, then we will be a great unaccustomed. I said, you rush to learn a driver’s license, and then learn a skill, then try to buy a car.I said, so you have, the better people will come.Later, she should understand the.I believe, next time you see her, will be different. In fact, this world really are the United States, the United States and to everyone in the pursuit of their goals, their dreams. For example, car, house, every day people are buying.More Better Life, has been chasing. Others say, the difference is night of four hours between people.If a movie can have a car and house, people will believe the world is watching movies.We are much more important than others.But it is not, so we should strive to get to learn skills. I said above that Taobao friend, done a good job behind.Every day also in the factory turn, due to the delivery.Looking back, he said he wanted to open Ali.No experience is just beginning, so, he took one of them the owner of the license to open. Behind doing well, but the boss did not expect to see him doing well, but also thinking about opening a. So the boss also took the same license to open, we know for sure, like this, is detrimental to her. But she says it does not matter, this way, we can put more good things, so that more people share. There is also a state of mind like this, so he did very well. However, the back, the boss doing it up.After a time of price increases, or to get back to the shop. Friends still did not get angry, the next day themselves to register a license, and start again. Friends say, a boss is also really entire plant is not easy, but we think the next certainly know, the boss or certainly do not up.So in the end, the boss is still looking for him, let him do and say the price, the minimum price to him. The average person should not do, but he did, as things did not happen before. He said that Nature has the function of survival of the fittest.So, every time you play with him, we all feel very happy. With those tears running is not the same, he is really happy to live, because he only saw the good in the world. Our village, a man used to be a bitter, reading really is no money anyway, let’s read his children.You can only borrow.But someone, that person is said earlier that the mayor.Keep the kids reading the mayor.His children out. See this man everywhere to borrow money, so the village head told him.Read Do not read so much, read so many useless. He certainly did not hear him, to the back, the man behind the English eight, then do foreign trade, earn a lot. How much is it in the end a lot of this, tens of millions of years it.This is regarded as relatively good in our village. But this story is not reading the above story.We are in circulation, they will not take the initiative themselves say.Others when it comes to this story, they say, the original village is for their own good.Maybe it really is good for them. Because when they really are too poor, and perhaps also are concerned, there is no way out after reading out. Think of this, in fact, this is what I always thought, reading anyway, be sure to read. Because I really see too many people, because by reading to change their own destiny.No matter what level we are at, learning certainly are not small.Another point is to see a better world, we focus on their dreams. In particular, I clearly remember, each time with a few friends to chat Fuzhou good time together.We are talking money when.Sometimes I talk to all life, a topic will soon turn back to the things that make money on.Gradually I learned. why.Because to be with people who make money only if we talk about the other certainly a sorry. Thought of this, I think that many years ago Su.Sister-in-law said he did not help the old work. But he really does not work that let you say, I want to be properly read.So it is very fierce behind him.If the sister-in-law said to him, and he continues to work to help.Maybe later also very dizzy.But later, his sister-in-law has also been a great wealth. So, when we have a dream, we will do efforts.No dream, when efforts to find a, allow yourself to become more outstanding.As for the pursuit has nothing to do with us, we are not in order. Yesterday, with the above Taobao chat with friends, and now he has a dozen employees. Yesterday, listening to a fellow said, this year he is not good industry to switch.But no matter how bad, someone is in progress. Because the world is always optimistic person belongs.Whether we go even faster, always faster than we are, whether we go further away, it is still in front of us than there are.Growth in the road, always overtake each other, no one who will not wait. There are people who will do well in a difficult world, we would be a thousand times better.This beautiful world, but we would like a better direction.Fortunately, we do not know at what time will come, but we have to take the best attitude to meet each.The harder the more happiness. My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.