Time, meaning people can really understand, always feel happy when fleeting; Xiaochou, he just slowed down every detail, good lingering!    Morning, warm from the laborious climb out of the yard, this winter air seems to already ready, I headed toward the body.Can feel the cold to prove that I’m sober, sober today is to know when.    Singles, how fashionable festival!I do not jump on the bandwagon, but since is still a bachelor.    Open the music, playing the song “single songs”.Indeed timely, could not help but sing together, “catch love, I always sit and watch her flowing.”.    After listening to a song, turn off the music.I’m afraid!This fear of untimely song hurt my god.Quiet, quiet enough to hear the sound of your own heartbeat, trying not to think, I have not had a bachelor’s Singles – may indeed bachelor!This time, the mood, how the enemy it, do not teach a person Reviewing the past?    At the time winter is still so cold, I like the cold that time.She often put my face in my ear hug me, speaking words of love.That scene, how so clear?The sound of breathing I can hear now, she sat in front of me, but how can I not touch.Her smile, slowly, slowly dissipated in the air.I started to panic, shouting themselves hoarse want her not to leave, but how the?At this point I actually no sound.I sobbed, sitting in the corner, looking at those in front of our past bit like playing as a slide, and then they gradually away from me, I can not catch them, really powerless!    I know that the past is the past, have become in the past.I do not want to forget that part of our beautiful memories of past love.In fact, today not only think, but such a scenario, rendered me sad.I hope you are not bachelor’s Singles.During that torn apart by secular love, I will be deeply in my heart.