Book a humanities / ordinary root whim the other day the wife said to read a book, I want to find a good point of this book to her.Open their own bookshelf and saw a brown paper bag with yellow book, the only one, I took full enthusiasm to tear that old kraft paper is a light new “Prose Collection”, he exudes the fragrance of ink, worthy fragrant than the girl’s body.    Yes, it is a female classmate gave me.She and another girl who sat on the seat in front of me, although we are from morning till evening, but rarely speak, and occasionally say a few words after graduation is to do like, though she also asked me a few questions, but I have not answer them, because her performance is better than me.    When graduation fast approaching, one day after lunch I returned to the classroom of a person reading a book or something on the seat, while she came in, blushed, looked back into my hands a book.I saw a qing prose, music, and asked her how she knew I liked qing, also thanks to me she library.Her cheeks flushed, whispered was sent to me.We did not come in the same table, I smiled innocently asked her how to send the book to me, her face more red, hesitantly, looking back not for me.I did not think about, such as less force opened the book and find the “rush” the article reads.Wait until after I put the book I like to read the article, she talked to the cover sheets of brown paper wrapped with many of my own to buy the book as a collection, never come out.    The following days are still clear cloud, I still complain about every day life always goes too slow, pinch refers to the advent of computing graduation.And not because she gave me the book deliberately to her good.She also remains unchanged, the campus quietly as white gardenia, quietly opened, exudes a touch of fragrance, never to me in full bloom.I sat behind her, glancing occasionally have distracted her innocent neck, but did not dare dash.I can not say I’ve never been to one girl cherish a good impression, but never have too unnatural for her, indeed, she looks good, but not what I want the kind of.Life would have a infatuated, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon, the same day also like Miluo River flowing forward, smoke, water ripples.    Years later I was doubly lamented after school twice she told her grandfather’s name inadvertently, she said that their grandfather is an old Chinese medicine with a name, if I went to her grandfather was very good looking.The first time I did not seriously, the second time I innocently turned to stiff smile I do not want to go to the doctor what your grandfather.She seemed angry, say doctors improper Is it not get sick ah.We laughed at the same table, she blushed, my heart is still a blank.    Soon to graduate from high school, each other a treasure I have never met.In a flash, almost two decades, talk about it with his wife, she laughed, I laughed a little stupid, and said that maybe you were a little Emmanuel is now a well-known traditional Chinese medicine, the child almost two years old.What can I say?As I read qing “rush” as “swallows go away, come back again, willow trees, there are green again, peach blossoms fade, they will flower again,” but our youth but birds never came back to.    Maybe when she puppy love, silence really liked me, but I was young and frivolous, and pursue the kind of clear cloud Piao Yi, missed once in my life wonderful time.Until 20 years later that I suddenly understand that we are not young when not to love, not without love, many times we only care about their own pursuit of love is unconscious ignored the crowd who quietly watching our eyes, silently irradiated upon us love!    2011-12-30 one o’clock ordinary roots, formerly known as Hu Zheng root, Hunanpingjiang people, since the number of people Momoyama winter, micro-channel 759 417 672