When people did not want to write some of the more uncomfortable language, but whenever some of the ugly phenomenon of so unbridled into my field of vision, I could not help but open the computer, playing some text there is no intention in the heart of Jianpanshangqiao, and the only hope for is only hope that we can recognize their mistakes, and nothing more.    Today went to the post office in a circle, wanted to withdraw money, but too many people queuing.But unfortunately, only among those crooked into a queue.Just at this point, a young man dressed in clean, standing in the front of the spit a clot of phlegm towards the ground.In fact, the ground here is very particular about, all close with high-quality ceramic tiles, will be the occasional beam of light it reflects glare.However, we also find on the floor of the “paper balls”, if I remember correctly, such a scene in a public place in other cities I have never seen.At that moment our eyes confrontation, he even smiled, smiles on their faces, as if nothing had happened.My heart went cold a big half.So I left and took the team to leave the place just money transactions.Hongsipu, first arrived here, in the summer of 2005.    At that time it was still sucks, sand all over the floor, the road is bumpy.In fact, this is not regarded as the most frightening, even more headaches is that as long as the wind blows, how sand can not hold back.Windy in front of the windows shut tightly, but after a gust of wind, inside the house will still fall a very thick layer of sand.So, living here, more or less still will make people feel a little chilling.Finally, in 2007, I was admitted to the school Wuzhong.I left here, and rarely go home.10 years, he entered the Ningxia Teachers College, nor how to return home.Qiazhiyisuan, there have been seven years did not take the land of the watch.So special smoked an afternoon, go on to uphold this long-lost land, up close contact with him, feeling his change of mind not help the breeding of thousands of grateful admiration.    I saw a wide asphalt road strip; saw into the film into a piece of trees, lawns; a seat to see where they stand tall; see a place for a relaxed; even saw in my junior high school that when planted three trees have grown up.I’m sure that has changed more than just these, but these are just as determined to a fairly young man can feel to the.I even told my father and said this: Hongsipu of a not very important streets of the main street to be much wider Bixi Ji.Father looked at the flat road, did not say anything.I know more about him than I do here, he has seen it all happened here.The same is that we all laughed.I know, this is the joy, pride.    However, I see, in addition to these, there are some.Almost all traffic lights placed at each intersection, but is always someone run a red light, there are some “Speed” race, so car and affectionate people, cars and car affectionate phenomenon is not uncommon.Sometimes there will be people who lead the car over-affectionate decomposed horrors.At the same time as a life of regret, we have to think that we are not really wrong!I saw a man-made lake, I heard that in order for people to relax with.But at the same time, I also saw play out on television with children drowned bad news.So what exactly is so that even a few children lost their lives prematurely??Mismanagement, inappropriate or discipline??As the school bus events, originally to give their children a positive impact, and why in the end, but deprived of the child’s life??We have to think.Bus schedule is a lot, but also more humane, the role of shade rain, I had also once been much appreciated this end, claiming that even the Wuzhong bus schedule are not so impressive.But why was the original site of the bus schedule straight tilt the body?Why are there a lot of glass were broken?Why the above is also engraved with the words heinous?I also saw some children go to special schools folded iron plates on the fence; see eleven-year-old juvenile mouth smoking; no one else saw the kiss me; see.To be honest, I like and love this land, because in just a few years, he allowed me to see life, to see hope.However, there are always several painful memories make me sad, in fact, these, we can change, is not it?Just when they are at fault, we have no honesty, I was not wrong to do so, which is not sub-standard quality of their own inherent moral requirements and external behavior is not unity.Perhaps, we really did wrong.However, as a person living on this land, we do not all want to do better and better here??    2012.8.5