In life on the road, everyone is passer.Often met by chance, but it is inevitable parting.And we shuttle in the meantime, suffered too much pain, too many people loved, leaving too much margin, owed much love.When one day, stop, look back on the past, Canmeng this life, only willing fleeting smile.    In fact, many times, our life is like a smooth river, nothing exciting, quietly.Unhappy, unhappy wealth, unhappy love life, but there are too many disappointments, right, unhappy dreams.We too hard on yourself, we want to be Exalted, we want to be Li Ka-shing, we want to be Andy, we have to homecoming, we want to get rich.Unfortunately, everything Shun Yi too little, hard in pursuit, finally come to nothing.His suffering, hurt others, abandoned the time, missed the fleeting poetry rain.    Seen such a drama, the title is called “Double Life of Veronique”, the story is very interesting, watching the first episode never want to fall.Su Qi play a character, a character is very sad.He liked to read ARBOR from college, and because of this love, supporting her through the seasons.She stood quietly watching favorite ARBOR play basketball, and to action, others the courage to express their love.She moved forward with the truth ARBOR, then They went in together, handle spring and autumn, were listening to the wind and rain.Unfortunately, the world has already arranged everything, love deeply, they want to occupy the other for himself.ARBOR noticed until one day Yan Song, and love a long time, Song started the pursuit, to protect her, give her happiness, her warm thanks.The two gradually fall in love, jealousy envy hate Su Qi, Yan Song and multiple blows, regard her as a thorn in the flesh, teased her, throwing her water, she repeatedly embarrassment, fled, but this time, Lin Joe was more disgusted Su Qi, anxious to erase from her own world.    Fate who can not choose.Who knows what will happen tomorrow, who predict a person’s life in the end how long.One day, sick ARBOR, or advanced disease, in critical condition.The Su Qi constant companion, Songcha meal, leave overnight.But she still did not forget to make things difficult Yan Song, they think of love ARBOR, to pay so much, can not wait to give him everything, but it seems that only ARBOR heart Yan Song.He was sad, he wept silently, no one knows her heartache.She cried, running, no comfort, no one loved.In people’s hearts, she is a bad person, but no one knows the love of her pay, her bitter experience, she puzzled sorrow.    ARBOR her and love, so difficult.Miss each other non-stop, non-stop torture each other, make each other uncomfortable.She believes that the whole world are against her, even friends are not, there is a total Ouyang vine around her, but she just wanted to use Bale.Only hate in her heart, she hated everything, I could not understand everything.So she fell in Canmeng, no longer out of.Her love for the ARBOR, love so deep, so selfless, but not drip recognition.In fact, she is thinking too much, ARBOR in the world, the greatest regret is that Su Qi, loved her wayward, her strong love, love her dedication, her love never betray.ARBOR’s death, her despair, walking in the wind haggard, lonely and sad.    When ARBOR died, she took a bunch of flowers, distraught, had everything as Canmeng like across, people love, leave early, and not a word, a smile.More beautiful, more call, not lead back to that once beautiful.ARBOR only when the last breath, imagine that Yan Song, rather than she, in fact, is to not let her sad, because ARBOR greatest regret is that Su Qi.The world’s most sad is that find their loved ones in love with someone else; saddest thing is, do not see the front is a touch in the end of the pit, while they continue to adhere to Wang Libian jump.    When she saw left her ARBOR last letter, she still can not put down the hate, but by polyethylene, thinking about how calculating others.She was ARBOR hurts the most people, most people can not let go.LIN Qiao to die than see her, because I felt sorry for her.So many experiences together, still can not walk into each other’s heart.We have love each other, but can not get down to seriously talk.They do not know how to face each other each other, together, and finally just a dream, leaving only bring sadness, together, will only speechless.    So much betrayal world, sometimes we really do not know how to forgive each other.Always wanted to find out the distance between us, but the mundane world three thousand, seek ends of the earth, never find an answer to.How many times luxury in a loved one around, even spent a moment, even a little bit of conversation, a little smile will do.However, sometimes the most simple desire not get.Blaming Heaven complain to, can do nothing, leaving behind only sad.    ARBOR eventually want to see Su Qi.Because meet each other, it will only make her more heartbreak.All vows, all the promises, hidden in hand into a fire, burning heart, every corner you can not see.ARBOR but love for her, not less than Yan Song, after his death, the hospital’s own shares are reserved for Su Qi.If you do not like her, all you need?Why not be left to other people, maybe in the heart ARBOR, already her as a family, are reluctant to abandon the kind of family life.    There are people who hate to be the most pathetic, most poor.Su Qi look down on others, she felt, I can not even think about others get.Impose my pain has on others, and finally his suffering, harm others.I think she is the fate of inequality, everyone has the right to the pursuit of love, and she ultimately did not catch their loved one, a loved one may have their own shadow.Between people just feel sorry for the one side, there is a distance between them.LIN Qiao always feel sorry for Su Qi, Qi Su do more, and more ARBOR guilt, the more we go farther and farther hearts to each other.    Red long, we are too naive, thinking that giving love, that there will be return.But people forget the cruelty, the people of complicated time, and love and be loved, who also do not understand.How many people, and so his life, he did not find a love, how much love is in sight, and we do not catch.No amount of beauty, laughter; no amount of vision, stay together for life; no amount of prayer, Iraqis are not old.But, eventually turned into a passer-by, you have your way, I have my pursuit.Force will only damage the health, it is wise to lay down.    Canmeng although disabled, but just a dream, wake up when we had to live, had to have a good after a minute, take a good mountain water.Everything in the past like clouds, the wind passed away all sadness.We care, the time will be forgotten, and we can not let go, time is not inclusive.Smile, a kind of courage; put down, is a mind; wait, no long term; to survive, but it should always be strong.    As we sat in the window, sipping a cup of tea, holding a pen Su.Writing one word, one begins counting the flow of time.Forget the past, has been concerned about, fleeting years, the need to have a smile face.More distress, the need to have to take a good late years; no amount of Youyuan, but did not forget a warm day and night.Canmeng not disabled, just not perfect Bale.Cherish this world, fleeting smile.Spring sunshine pregnant, walked quietly each spring and summer, stepped on each autumn and winter, day and night do not ask, do not ask once, would not better.    Author: Guo Hua QQ: 1625426841