Click to view the Milkyway 3812 the total number of issued shares, online issue of 1512 shares, issue price-earnings ratio 20.53 times subscription code: 732713, purchase price: 11.$ 27 single account purchase limit 1.5 million shares, an integer multiple of the number of purchase 1,000 shares。  [Basic information] Stock Code 603713 Stock abbreviation Milkyway purchase code 732713 Listing Shanghai Stock Exchange issue price (RMB / share) 11.27 20 earnings release.Industry reference price-earnings ratio 53 Handling and Transportation Agency reference industry price-earnings ratio (latest) 20.55 issue of face value (yuan) 1 The actual total funds raised (million) 4.30 online issue date of July 4, 2018 (Zhousan) date of the Placing under the net Placing the number of (shares) online and the number issued July 4, 2018 (shares) 15,120,000 Net (shares) the number of the transfer of 23 million old shares – the total number of issued ( shares) maximum number of 38,120,000 subscription (share) 15,000 ballot payment date 2018 Nian 7 Yue 6 Ri (Zhouwu) online top box purchase to be equipped with the market value (million) 15.00 online purchase confirmation day T-capitalization on the 2nd (T: Online purchase date) under the net purchase to be equipped with the market value (million) 6000.The market value of the purchase confirmation 00 Network June 26, 2018 Sunday (b) [Company Profile] Main: Main modern logistics industry, belong to producer services, as a professional chemical supply chain service provider with freight forwarders , warehousing and transportation as the core of one-stop integrated logistics services, as well as chemicals trading services。(Click to enter) [to raise funds will be used for projects] No. Item Investment Amount (million) 1 Shanghai Ding Ming Xiu Bo canning Services Limited standard and special tank project 150002 Bus Logistics Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone reconstruction A, Class C (dry) warehouse projects 9935.373 Dingming Liaoning Chemical Logistics Base Project 84964 Kingman Tongchuan Tongchuan freight terminal, Ltd. freight terminal project to enhance the capacity of the network layout 54635 53746 Project New Project Milkyway chemical supply chain management platform Project 5621.Zero element 047 electronic business platform upgrade project New Project 80008 Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Co., intelligent storage logistics and safety management program 50009 10000 additional working capital investment project amounting 72889.41 excess funds raised (actual fund-raising – the total amount of investment) -29 928.17 investment amounting to more than 169 actual total funds raised.[IPO shares 66% hit new Raiders 1, what needs to play the new?  Market value is very important, very important, very important!  2, which had to fight?  Nani?White was asked this question, under the new rules, of course: all are playing, all are playing, all are playing!  3. What kind of new shares up more?  Data said small plates GEM Board。  4, to see how much they can purchase?  You will be prompted to market software。(See hardworking people here: the specific algorithm, like the original, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to be non-more than 10,000 yuan per 5,000 yuan more than the market value may be a number。Required more than 10,000 yuan turned over to non-restricted shares, each 10,000 yuan more than the market value may be a number, the good news is that the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the market value of multiple accounts can be aggregated。A restricted shares, stock delisting, B shares, bonds, funds and other products not calculate the market value。Freeze, pledge, directors, supervisors ownership restrictions, customer credit securities account, suspended or suspend capitalization of listed stocks are calculated。Substandard, hibernate, log off the account does not calculate the market value of securities。) 5, how do multiple accounts?  There are multiple accounts (such as account opening everywhere), you can only choose one account to purchase, otherwise invalid accounts in addition to the first declaration of outside。  6, the ability to purchase on behalf of the brokerage commission?  Can only purchase their own, can not be entrusted to the broker on behalf operation。  7. When are the latest contributions?  ?Date of purchase, confirmed in the ballot, + 2 by the broker within the agreed time and your contributions in T, but not later than 24 points, or deemed to have waived。  8, found himself in the sign, T + 2 Ri and then sell the stock of money can be used to do payment?  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange may, but specifically to see how their brokerage agreement with you。The Shanghai Stock Exchange did not mention this point, estimate also depends on the agreement between the brokerage and you。  9, in a number of new shares, lack of funds how to do?  Broker and you will sign the corresponding agreement protocol do you follow agreed procedures。But do not be sad, continue to look down。  10, no payment after the ballot how to do?  After winning full payment is not deemed to have waived。Shanghai and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange but can choose to purchase part, such as the 500 shares, you can purchase 499 shares of the 1,000 shares, you can purchase 999 shares。However, if the non-payment or non-payment in full occurs three times within 12 months, to be pulled black for six months, prohibit new play automatically after the expiration of the resurrection。  11, can participate at the same time under the net subscription and online purchase?  Can not participate in the subscription under the net, can no longer participate in online purchase。  [Hit seven new common operational errors summary] a mistake: there is no where to leave the brokerage business department or accurate contact with the popularity of online transactions, more and more investors are trading through the network, with the broker and business contact the Department of alienation, the phone numbers and other contact information did not change in time to the brokerage business department or updated, resulting in a lot of communication service brokerage business department or service in the hands of less than investors。  This requires investors to take the initiative to go to where the phone or in person or brokerage business department to update their information, brokerages can enjoy the necessary services。  Failure II: a mistake in the ballot on the bin down many investors due to rule on T + 2 contributions do not understand, that everything will be fine in the ballot, just waiting to sell stock。As everyone knows under the new rules, after the ballot had to payments, no payment is invalid subscription, not only get invalid subscription of new shares, will be included in the blacklist。  Failure three: I do not know T + 2 due for payment as well as some investors forget the contributions of time, of course, some investors think they have enough money to accounts。  Under the new rules, after the ballot results were announced, investors need sufficient funds in T after the preparation required to sign before at 16:00 on the 2nd +, if the purchase is not enough money in the account, the account will be automatically deducted from the maximum amount (the minimum is 1 share), the remaining shares in the same ballot seen as investors abandoned stocks, included invalid subscription, investors will still be included in the blacklist。(Now many brokerage firms will notify contributions, but still it is necessary to know their own。) Failure four: do not understand the date of publication in the ballot regardless of whether the broker to tell the service, investors should cultivate the habit of inquiry。  The first step is to get to know how to query the purchase with numbers: when you purchase, system-generated water system account, you can then record in online trading inquiry。  For example: you purchase with No. 888888-888890。Published in the ballot number to 888 after three, the last four digits 8686 and so on, but after winning the same number after your three-digit number with three digits are 888 published, so that you will sign in 1,000 shares, or 500 shares。(It is worth noting that a number is 1000 shares of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen is 500 shares。) The second step is how the ballot after payment?T + 1 evening can be found in the ballot result, T + 2 Ri also can check again to make sure before 16:00 purchase fully funded。  Failure five: covet low-commission brokerage inform loss of service in the Internet age, some brokers played 12,000 parts per million, or 2.5, or even lower commission in private battle, and fight these brokerage commissions, funds small-scale Investors sometimes provide only simple transaction channel service, basic SMS, telephone and other services are not available to inform。  So, after playing the new investors in the ballot, if they do not know better or forget to check that the ballot might automatically become abandoned purchase, the purchase becomes invalid。This requires investors to enjoy these low commission, rushed to where the sales department to confirm whether the ballot SMS notification service。  Failure Six: I do not know the day to sell the old shares shall be paid in the ballot paragraph It is understood that the investors know sign T + 2 to contributions, but did not really suffer from cash payments on time。As everyone knows, T + on the 2nd day of the old shares may also be sold to pay money to play the new ballot。  Failure Seven: When the same name for multiple accounts of the same purchase shares under the new rules, the same securities account under the name of the investor, even if the distribution of securities in different companies, but only in the subscription of new shares of the same, can only purchase once。