CPPCC National Committee member, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang told Securities Times reporters after the economic discussion group 12, he said after the listing of companies face delisting, the Commission for Protection of investors is the same。As long as a listed company, it will follow the same rules, the Commission will firmly protect the interests of investors。Commission developed a lot of investor protection rules, a lot of market institutions will come together to promote investor protection。  Related: Jiang Yang: The brokerage enhance competitiveness depends on high-quality development of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Commission to accept Jiang Yang Securities Times reporter in an interview after the economic group discussions, said the broker intermediary to do, we must first of its ( behavior) is responsible; second, to enhance the competitiveness of brokerage, will almost certainly be a high-quality development。  Jiang Yang: To increase the penalty punishment CPPCC National Committee members for securities crimes, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang, 10, said in an economic group to participate in group discussions, capital market investors to open an account reaches 1.300 million people, many families involved, to stabilize the social stability of the country, we must stabilize the capital market。Jiang Yang pointed out that the existing laws on fraud issue top grid penalty is 600,000, said the market was lighter penalty after penalty in such cases, but the Commission is the law, to increase penalties for securities crime penalties。  Jiang Yang: According to the rules of the new economy to support M & CPPCC National Committee, said in an interview on the 10th to accept the Securities Times, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang, support the new economic enterprises mergers and acquisitions in accordance with existing rules。  Jiang Yang: hurl Center on behalf of investors filed suit CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang, 10, when participating in group discussions economic group pointed out that the Commission within the law for the protection of investors to do some work, set up the service center is mainly small investors regulate the market order and protect the interests of investors, on behalf of the interests of investors sue for civil damages。  Jiang Yang: to further strengthen communication and contact the CPPCC National Committee and two high administrative law enforcement agencies, the China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang recommended when participating in group discussions economic group on the 10th, to further strengthen communication Procuratorate, Supreme Court and administrative and law enforcement agencies Contact to deepen multi-level capital market reforms to increase the proportion of equity financing, it must enhance communication Procuratorate Supreme Court and the executive authorities through training courses, etc., in order to achieve information symmetry; effectively strengthen judges, prosecutors understanding of the new economic team and support in the Judgment do not solve the problem fixed ideas。  Jiang Yang respond to relax restrictions index: Comprehensive determined by the Exchange based on market trends for reporters to ask questions of stock index futures trading restrictions will further relaxation, Jiang Yang said, "I think you said this situation exists。"He also said the financial derivatives market is always to develop, to adapt to the stable and healthy development of the market trend, and gradually in accordance with market conditions, by the Exchange to determine (when to relax restrictions)。  He said the exchange is the first-line supervision, to what extent, regulatory efforts to market demand and to what extent, need to be considered by the Exchange。  Jiang Yang Foxconn responded quickly I would go: experienced a complete audit program for the closely watched Foxconn too fast will things, the morning of March 9, the CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang to Securities Times reporter said, on the enterprise level, Foxconn after a complete audit program。Jiang Yang said that Foxconn has announced yesterday, I would go, this is the Commission issuance in strict accordance with legal procedures, according to a rigorous examination of the authenticity, accuracy and integrity requirements, it must also disclose detailed information requirements and risk warning requirements, which are listed on the Commission for any listed company audit requirements。  Jiang Yang: accelerating the reform of the GEM Board to actively promote the equity financing of the CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang this morning to discuss the CPPCC spoke at the meeting said that the next Commission's work includes several points: First, the national strategy and service a modern economic system as a guide, deepening reform public offering system and deepen the Main board and GEM reform, more support to the "four new" enterprise; Second, while maintaining the normalization of the IPO, continue to steadily promote the reform of the stock issuance system; Third, vigorously promote multi-level capital market reform, and promote three new board reform and regional equity markets, actively promote equity crowdfunding pilot financing, is currently developing a way to co-ordinate all levels of the capital market positioning division, promote organic connection; Fourth, attention private equity, private equity funds to support the healthy development; Fifth, to promote coordinated development between the bank and exchange bond market; six is to guide the healthy development of the futures and derivatives markets, crude oil futures and other smooth launch。  Jiang Yang: Last year, 419 companies achieved IPO lake effectively relieve China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang discussed today at the CPPCC said in speech at the meeting recalled the work of the Commission in mid-2017, last year direct financing of the real economy further enhanced。2017 every year there are 419 companies achieved IPO, is 218.6 billion yuan of direct financing, refinancing is 800.2 billion yuan after the listing, mergers and acquisitions transactions 1.87000000000000。In addition, three new board is 133.6 billion yuan financing。He said that multi-level capital market system was further improved, normalization of the IPO, IPO lake implement effective mitigation, the three new board reform stratification and-trade system to achieve a major breakthrough。  Jiang Yang: "Chinese version of" crude oil futures both international and domestic investor demand CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang spoke at the meeting this morning to discuss the CPPCC, said smooth launch crude oil futures this year to guide the Commission Futures and Derivatives Market one of the healthy development of the work。Shanghai Futures Exchange will be officially launched the "internationalization" of crude oil futures on March 26 to further open up to the world。This is very important for China's major strategic。It is denominated in yuan, but the dollar can be used as a deposit, so we take into account the needs of international investors and domestic investors。As foreign investors should accept renminbi-denominated, Jiang Yang believes that "this is the result of market consultation, to consider not only foreign investors, but also consider domestic investors, so we do use dollar deposit, if the day of foreign exchange to be remitted, you can always put the sink exit "。  Jiang Yang: the Commission will introduce new economic measures to support enterprises listed on the 2018 government work report made it clear "to support high-quality public financing of innovative enterprises"。Preparatory Commission as to whether the introduction of new policies to support the economic problems, the CPPCC National Committee, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang, 5 pm in the economic circles of the CPPCC members to respond to an exclusive resident Shangzheng Bao told reporters, "We will certainly be some measures。"Jiang Yang: When will seriously discuss the implementation of 'multi-level capital market deepening reform' requirements CPPCC National Committee member, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang, in the Great Hall to accept Shangzheng Bao reporter an exclusive interview on the 5th," said government work report mentioned 'deepen multi-level capital market reform, promote the bond futures market', I think this is our securities, futures, bond market development is very good, the key is how to implement the next step。"As for how to implement, Jiang Yang said still need serious discussion。  To improve the proportion of direct financing in terms of the proportion of equity financing in particular, whether working on new initiatives, Jiang Yang replied: "Yes!"Jiang Yang Strengthen the regulatory line: let the exchange said in more responsibility CPPCC National Committee member, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang to 'strengthen front-line supervision' in the Great Hall of the 5th Shangzheng Bao reporter accepted an exclusive interview with the topic:" Strengthening line regulation, is to make the exchange to take more responsibility。"Jiang Yang: HKEx is expected to launch in 2018 a transmissive regulation 4 of the CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang said in an interview with China Finance Net and other media, China's supervision, the protection of investors is very attention, transmission regulation will help protect the interests of investors, over the years the Commission has been pushing this work。He also noted that China's capital market is a real-name system, which is the basis transmissive supervision, running down the years, transmission regulation to promote steady and healthy development of capital markets。  Jiang Yang also revealed that, during the Shanghai and Hong Kong through Hong Kong and Shenzhen through the operation, the Hong Kong market also believes that it is necessary regulatory transmissive。At present, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange with respect HKEx agreement reached, expected to be launched this year transmissive regulation。  Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang responded delisting system reform: the Commission has just revised by Law and strict delisting system, strengthen the exchange delisting the main responsibility, the future will continue to strengthen front-line supervision?In this regard, the CPPCC National Committee, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang pointed out in the Great Hall to accept an exclusive interview with Shanghai Securities News reporter 5th: "Again, comprehensive strictly according to the law。"Jiang Yang: key support innovative demonstration lead type enterprise services for the capital markets on how the new economic problems, the CPPCC National Committee, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang said, the Commission supports the implementation of national strategies, new technologies, new industries, new format for the new model of "four new" industry, focusing on innovation, lead type, model-oriented enterprises。