Today fluctuated, finished lower, brokerage stocks among the biggest gainers, Shanxi Securities once daily limit; Internet industry, civil aviation airports, steel and other sectors also performed well; strong early and military plates of gold today fell forward。As of press time, stock index rose 0.09%, the GEM were down 0.44%。  In news today: 1,2,3,4,5 for A-share market outlook, agencies said that the current market is still repeated in the repair market, investors can be combined with the annual report and a quarterly performance bargain involved pre-victimizes growth the potential of stocks, do not continue to radical chase。  Caida Securities: From the current market trend, A shares is still subject to the ups and downs of Wall Street and the impact of trade tax provisions, we can light index heavy stocks, hold rally。White Horse in the adjustment period, we should not be too involved, small-cap stocks is the focus direction。  Dongguan Securities: shock down the broader market on Wednesday, weakening trend。Pudie sector stocks, especially blue chips led by White Horse greater impact on the index, the market sentiment is relatively weak, significant cooling hot plate, the GEM also has a callback。From the market point of view, the Deputy Prime Minister's statement will help boost market confidence, but the trend peripheral turmoil, the situation is still repeated trade war, coupled with the recent financial side is slightly tight, a negative impact on the market。Overall, the market trend reversals, technical has weakened, consider peripheral trend instability and weak blue-chip sector, is expected to short-term market is expected to continue to shock bottoms。Operation suggested that appropriate caution, focusing on finance, medicine, environmental protection and other sectors varieties。  Huarong Securities: Since last year, embracing the core assets to become the market consensus, blue-chip funds around Whitehorse and hold together for warmth, pushing up the valuations and performance expectations, and self-reinforcing trends。With the gradual disclosure of annual performance, whether it is lower than expected panic, or good out of the floor, in the current market environment of high uncertainty, adjust to lighten up easily lead to panic stampede。The concept of value investing, in addition to good business, good company, good and reasonable price is a very important part。Rational judgment on its intrinsic value, they can jump out of fear and greed, and to take advantage of market volatility to grasp the opportunity to approach and departure timing。  Open Source Securities: Investors are cautioned that recent performance, then the card 50 is touted as China's 50 beautiful, now see from the graphic, not at all handsome, has completely broken bits of。Then it shows the blue chip earnings outlook has declined, because the stock market is expected to have fried。Now the US trade friction began to trouble, investors still worried about China's economic outlook is bleak。Fortunately, the two trading days left in the end of March to the end, which means the end of the market to adjust, because the end of the quarter the bank's prudential assessment is over, the next month will ease the financial side, the market will re-up to shock two days。  Market outlook, expected this year, the lack of foundation-than-expected performance of blue-chip, blue chip funds will be gradually withdrawn from, to find new investment opportunities。Unicorn, GEM, they are representative of the new high-tech economy, so we must not miss this wave of the new economy feast。Currently there is an uncertain factor is the US and Chinese trade negotiators, are very difficult to predict what the final outcome。This is also done to the blue-chip part of the psychological impact of the funds triggered exit。Market is still structured, high-tech is still hot。  Chuan finance securities: Looking to the second quarter, long-term market-style conversion turning point may have come。Increased growth factors and volatility will be a market-leading core logic。Replay history display style change needed to meet the conditions three aspects of policy, performance and mobility: the core policy, performance lags, liquidity is the accelerator。March on management policy continues to release positive signals, exemplary return unicorn enhance the market's risk appetite。According to our estimates growth performance of the GEM obvious signs of improvement。The macro liquidity marginal changes facing uncertainty, the stock market micro – liquidity in the second quarter may be tight margins。Relative valuation decisions plate configuration value, determine the absolute valuation risk-benefit ratio。In summary we believe the second quarter in the case of weak market volatility may be arranged in such a good opportunity。  Hua Securities: The current market is like a child-like face, every day up one day down day operation significantly increased the difficulty; in fact, this is an important feature shock bottoms; we repeatedly prompted you to investors, the bottom will not happen overnight, but a arduous and lengthy Marathon。In fact, the market is a good side, the highest board has gradually strengthened the trend, as long as the next critical position does not break 1800, we continue to be optimistic record board; markets may be adjusted, then we repeatedly prompted oversold small and medium-invasive, theme stocks relatively good performance, such as adjusting a year and more recently oversold male security to be seen again。According to this idea to operate, continue to capture market victimizes, has a policy to support small and medium oversold record, once the new stocks, and continue bargain-hunting interest the new economic, technological unicorn, the Internet industry, civil-military integration, large aircraft, etc. concept stocks, the market adjustment is actually repeated opportunities to give us a better admission of meat。  Jufeng investment adviser: US stocks continue to adjust, but the State Council promulgated the tax cuts, is expected to A shares will be ascribed。Operation, investors can bargain-hunting interest state-owned background of the bottom of the small cap stocks and the GEM high-growth stocks。  Pershing investment adviser: Wednesday, led by a white horse with wine stocks dropped sharply, in the short term will also affect the performance of the motherboard。Therefore, the recent market is still repeated in the repair market, sector and differentiation of individual stocks as much as the strong stocks exacerbated recommended to keep wait and see position, appropriate to do more GEM stocks strong growth。  Guangzhou Bandung: On the trend, since the agency has chosen to vote with their feet even at the evacuation of blue-chip kill more and more led to such a stampede tragedy, showing its determination to adjust positions overweight small record has been quite strong, so investors have to learn to size up the situation Hold this high-quality growth stocks and long-term main line without wavering。As for the short-term, blue chip sell into a row should not be liquidated immediately, to be oversold bounce after the transfer positions convertible too late。The small record, despite repeated active hot money lead to local high popularity, but taking into account the GEM has experienced two consecutive days after the retaliatory rose significantly increased market too many differences, there are peripheral continued turmoil dragged down, so investors operating Note that to avoid another job on low, do not continue to radical chase, but can be combined with the annual report and a quarterly performance bargain involved pre-victimizes the growth potential of stocks。