July 20 electricity for most Chinese people, the Central African States far beyond million kilometers they will never set foot in the place。
However, if they come here: to see Chinese people coming and going on the street, listening to the radio playing the song "Death must be love", and speaking fluent Chinese of Congo (DRC) people pleasant conversation, feeling in China here profound influence……Learn Chinese, learn the most advanced knowledge in the Congo (DRC) the second largest Lubumbashi interview, met with fluent Chinese, Jonah wood Kaku。 Ring started quite unexpected, after all, Congo (gold) the official language is French。
The 30-year-old Congo (DRC) youth skills can be said of Chinese culture by the Chinese people。 Six years ago, the East Congo Mining (CDM) and the Congo (DRC) top universities Lubumbashi University jointly launched the project, selection of the school outstanding students to study in China for two years free。
At that time, the project has attracted more than 160 people applied, through mathematics, English, French and Congolese culture written four courses and two rounds of interviews, the final selection of six people, including wood, including Kaku。 August 30, 2011, wood Kaku began studying in the University of South Africa。 Before departure, he heard that China has everything, it would not bring too much luggage。
High-rise buildings, highways, street flower beds……Watching these scenes not seen in the Congo (DRC), first arrived in China's wood Kaku shocked。
To his delight as well, "the school has a computer in every classroom, every dorm has air conditioning."。
Wood Kaku recalled: "At that time, I go to work every day 8:00, 5:00 to work, review work overtime to 8:00 pm, go to practice speaking Chinese students dormitory。 "The reason is the 'commute' rather than 'on class', because 'this is the Congo (DRC) to pay the company sent me, so learning is work'。
Two years later, six people together to study in China, the best three letters of appointment to get the CDM, wood Kaku is one of them, he is now the company's production department just wet plant Fang Jingli。
They then cool and wood card with hired CDM has now been poached by other companies, the other three are not admitted CDM has also been a good place to go。
With the Chinese people go to Africa in recent years, the increasing number of local Chinese people more and more in demand。
This year 40-year-old Nigerian hair, said as early as mid-1996, he began to notice the capital, Kinshasa Chinese figure, that China in the future will certainly be developed, then began learning Chinese。 At first, he collected Chinese people not to newspapers and magazines, and later a friend to bring him materials from China, and thus, made Nigeria trained skilled Chinese。
For future plans, made Nepal said, "I went to China to investigate several times, after trading plan to do business in Yiwu"。 Wood Kaku told reporters: "I want to go to China to read a master's degree, learning the most advanced knowledge, came back to help the development of the company, to help develop my country。 "CE did a lot of things to provide free health care, roads, repair classrooms 'Chinese hot' and enterprises in the rapid development of the Congo (DRC), quite good reputation inseparable。 Since the 2008 financial crisis, Congo (gold) originally state-owned enterprises and the survival of Western companies have been hit。 The past decade, the development of enterprises to speed up the pace: the end of 2005, in the Congo (DRC) in only 15 enterprises; the end of 2013, only in the Katanga province of the country associated with the mining of registered Chinese-funded enterprises have more than 100。 In the eyes of many locals, CE means "welfare and health care."。
Kemi Ka Mining Co. chairman and general manager of Easy Pengyun Qi said that in addition to membership of employees just outside himself, his wife and children can enjoy free medical care。 CE also provides partial funding to families can not afford school fees, if necessary, employees can book just ahead of wage advances。 Pengyun Qi told the ring, there is no threshold in enterprises to recruit people, willing to work Congo (DRC) as long as the identity of the legal person, it will try to give them the organization of work。 "Chinese companies do not ask history, the opportunity to everyone, willing to spend effort and staff training", working in enterprises in the Congo (DRC) to ring people Mulamba said, "In the past a lot of men doing nothing, or even addicted to gambling。
Today, these people were employed in enterprises, learn job skills, they also have chicken on the family dinner table. "。
This story in the enterprise and even the locals are Mulamba painted on the wall as a poster company, to remind everyone to cherish the moment, work hard。
Sony 33-year-old in Lubumbashi in an enterprise of any chef has been eight years, he had worked in a restaurant company in India, a monthly salary of $ 150, and later heard in the rate of wages much, so he jumped slot, though it when he did not do Chinese food。 By climate environmental impacts, in the Congo (DRC) is the most common food gooey corn, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and other essential ingredients lunch, Sony never seen before。
"They often do not cut no concept of weight, meat。 "Chinese Master Chef Zhang told said:" Then we set pieces must be cut two index fingers so big, with reference, they slowly on the familiar。 "According to reports, the Chinese cook Chinese food ingredients accompanied by all the required print out the Sino-French bilingual instructions so that employees can quickly learn just membership。
Congo (DRC) employees eat in the restaurant prices。
Employees can enjoy free in just two dishes。
XING Xiao Jing Sony now taken monthly income is 300 dollars (1 US dollar equals yuan), his wife by selling clothes to earn $ 50 to $ 100 per month, so pay enough for his family four school-age children go to school。
Sony said that his wish is to remain in the enterprise to work and children to study hard in the future to go to China。
Dressed in work uniforms, sitting in the company bus to work in the enterprise, which is kind of a status symbol in the local。
Gang membership staff attaches great importance to corporate leadership condolences to the family。 I heard that, they will find ways to borrow beautiful lighting and other household items to decorate a room。 Witnessed by friends and family, who took over the leadership from sympathy gold prices is a gift, "especially face" thing。
CE has not only created a large number of local jobs, but also did a lot of things。
For example, when traveling from Lubumbashi to Kolwezi, found after the asphalt road and viaduct will sign on end: China Railway Group。 Local Chinese Geng Changqing said, "Before the corporate road, probably need more than five hours from Lubumbashi to Kolwezi, now the drive is three hours."。 Ka Sulu school to mine 齐姆邦伊斯特 joint interview, happened to meet Chinese engineer Wang Haitao in directing the construction of new classrooms, he said: "Central enterprises funded project completed in August, when the children will be able to move in the new classroom。
"Simon school principal about the matter excitedly raised his voice, 'students and parents are happy, the impression is very good for the enterprise'。 That comes from China, school children gathered around, saying "hello" in Chinese, "Welcome"。
Aceh came to Kolwezi ore trading market Mosong Bo interview, met the flying dust。 Dayan Mao even when wearing scarves and dust, can not hold back the strong wind and sand into his mouth drill。
In this case, Mo Songbo card marketing director William Pender · extraordinarily adapt。 He stood outside, pointing to the market, said, "We want Chinese companies to build roads in this neighborhood, are covered with the soil。
There is also need power, hopes that Chinese companies bring even generator "。 Why we want to help solve the problem in the enterprise?On this issue, the card Pender smiled sheepishly said: "The family is in just two countries, we will jointly build and Chinese people。
"" Chinese people are also under construction at night / built a blink of an eye the / work day and night / ah / hard-working Chinese people。 "In a corporate employee said just membership, the locals put a good impression on the Chinese people compiled this song。
"They can not wait to imitate Chinese" in the Congo (DRC) interview, noting that the office wall hung high government officials bust of President Joseph Kabila, to show respect。
Lualaba Governor black sand co-Mouille told the ring, just in perfect cooperation in various fields between the two countries, the President had studied in China-related。
In February 1998, Kabila was in the PLA National Defense University studies。 But less than six months, he was forced to return home early domestic rebellion。
Kabila was being investigated along with teacher in Shandong, heard the news and immediately leave to return home。 It is said that Kabila think you can handle things quickly come back to China, so Beijing is not passing back to school pack。 Unexpectedly, the rebellion continued for several years, Kabila failed to continue their studies。 In 2006, the first democratic elections in Congo (DRC), a Kabila victory over an enemy has been elected president。 Kabila has said, "Although I only learned the Chinese National Defense University for six months, but the benefit, if not this experience, I probably will not gain a firm foothold in the country。
"China in mid-2015 to commemorate, Kabila also attended a military parade in China。 Mouille said Kabila understand China, while the Congo (DRC) nationals can agree with the president's point of view。 Past government officials like to send their children to study in Europe and America, now more Chinese charm, "My daughter is in China."。
Secretary Lualaba Provincial Bureau of Mines Jean Marie's four children are also studying in China。 He said: "I want them to seriously study Chinese technology, after graduation must come back to help the Congo (DRC) Development。 "He also quietly said," I have hopes that he can find a Chinese wife。 "Both the Secretary governor of such a government official, or like wood Kaku such people, they have to ring the expression 'to change through learning Chinese motherland' ideas。 Peng Yunqi that this indicates that all sectors of the country have been impressed by China's pace of development, they admire the Chinese people, can not wait to imitate China。 "Along the way" Forum held in May after Beijing, "along the way" in Africa the opportunity to become a hot topic of Congo (DRC)。 Mouille for China is very interested in this initiative, he told reporters that he is concerned about every day, "along the way", there is hope in the future more companies other than mining enterprises to Congo (gold)。 Mouille According to reports, in fact, the current areas of cooperation have been expanded, formerly in the province in 10 CE, 7 and mining-related, is now banking, and other industries have settled companies are。
"Congo (DRC) is a promising country, first, because the national common good deeds; Second, focus on education, high school popularity。
"Said in an interview in a local enterprise level," In the past China 'going out' are mostly pure corporate behavior。 Now the country has 'along the way' after initiative, greatly enhanced business confidence, confidence in the Congo (DRC) to flex its muscles more foot "。 Mouille said Lualaba province also plans to set up Confucius Institute to promote Chinese culture, Chinese will become increasingly popular。 "Maybe next time we meet, I can talk to you without translation to communicate the。
"Mouille said half-jokingly。 (World Wide Web micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。