In case of wind more than the occasional tree, mountain and water in case of divide and waterfall close encounter, so I loyal to the millennium, drip off drops of blood and tears, penance years in front Buddha, you win back sight, so I in the most beautiful and the Red and to meet you!Cheng pulls forget the past, forget the past life where lean, the hint of tears sprinkled incense in your palm, but also you the truth I!    Under Albatron peak, my penance Wan end of the year to no avail, raging day took my Red Dust, Ruoliu Fufeng also not the end, I was tired, sleeping quietly, death is not terrible, I have become accustomed to such bitter without the light of day all the suffering。Dark heavy, maybe this is my destiny a grass!The wind gently swaying, Yu Xiaoxiao down, fled dew atrium, I also my cool summer!You came in a hurry, carrying a Orchids, gave me the sweetest of springs, a touch of incense leisurely Qinru my heart, graceful smile, you smile, disappeared in the Red Dust!Drip grace, Yongquan!    A mountain, can not be separated across pairs, a bridge, not break Qianqianquege, my life buried in a mountain stream, in exchange for your long life!Perhaps this is meant to be。    Chuan regrettable situation, immersed River, thousands of drops Acacia, Wanlv worry wire end is no solution Chien knot!Two vast horizon love and hate, for love comes to love angry。Finally meet in future not know, tears of thousands of new heavy head point。Little place, missed the opposite hand pull hard。Is a last resort, still can not help, as both wind drift in the distance!    Little stars, scattered in Oliver, hurried pedestrians, living away from home, so people, the situation is also true!    Pouring rain ruthless hit in the cheek, drenched atrium, wet dream, this silent side, that side of the rain, you still laugh or thousands of years, though already are times by the vicissitudes of life, but their hearts are still the heart of the Millennium!Gently express“Albatron peak at even met, drips of kindness memorable, met Chihiro Wan lingered, as you turn into the wind heart die”。Greet hand in hand, a big crowd, we of band life, Juanqimei。Happy days are always fast breath!However, everything is so short!    People cents sparse way, although I have the essence of heaven and earth aura, you can always escape the fate of mercy!    I am the embodiment of birds, leap Qianshan Wan Hai, escape the fate, you can always escape atrium。Buddha I saw you with years of penance!In the barren Albatron peak, rain, wind, cold summer, I always, in my mind just karma。    Suffering no light of day, dark matte wall, but their hearts are surprisingly quiet。Buddha asked if I would repair to the edge and you have to see, I laughed!Everything is not important, life is just a few Spring, Cheng pulls past, such as clouds filled the air, bearish secular, breaking the Red, forever in the hearts of love!    The essence of heaven and earth, of all things is Purdue Dade Health, National Cheng Kung University small love love, maybe true love!