US media pointed out that the ruling will ensure DACA program at least until the autumn to survive。 This allows more time for Congress to develop a permanent solution for the "dreamer" who。 Media summarizes the impact of the decision to bring a series of。   Applicable DACA program "dreamer" Trump may temporarily relax the US President Obama announced that he would end the era of the DACA program, which formally terminated the date set in September last year to March 5, Congress has six months to seek legislative solutions。
  But in this six-month period, subject to the protection of the DACA program "dreamer" in a state of panic, because if they lose the protection of DACA program, they will be deported and lose a work permit to bring the DACA program。
  Here, employers are ready to dismiss "Dreamer"。
At the same time, many participants DACA program are unsure whether they can continue to stay in college, or continue to help them afford tuition grants and loans。
  Now, these "dream catcher" can relax。
They will continue to be protected, and can continue to postpone their plans in the DACA refer cases to lower courts to protect identity。
  Congress more time American lawmakers have been working to deadline March 5 to protect the "dreamer" by law。
  Recent months of negotiations between Congress and the White House intensified。 Democrats introduce a requirement to protect only "Dreamer" as the goal of "clean" bill, Republicans are required to strengthen exchanges with immigration enforcement and border security bill。 Earlier, the impasse in the negotiations about the DACA program also led to the US federal government closed three days。   Now, Congress has more time to seek a compromise。 However, immigrant advocacy groups warned that Congress should not forget the problems DACA program。
  What is "the law of war," the next step is?  Last month, US District judge in California ruled that Trump 威廉阿尔苏 Cape government mistakenly end DACA program, "legal battle" Thus started。   At that time, the University of California and several California cities requested the government to restore al-Sup command Trump DACA program。
Al Sup agreed that the decision Trump might be "arbitrary and capricious" and based on a flawed legal premise。   US Department of Justice subsequently announced that it would appeal immediately thereon to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California, but it also asked the Supreme Court to hear the case。
The Supreme Court did not make a determination to al Sup ruling, but said the case should be through formal channels。
  This means that the case can now come to California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling。 At the same time, a judge in New York ruled against Trump government also plans to terminate DACA。
The case will be in New York by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling。 Once the court ruling, the US Justice Department appealed to the Supreme Court before。