What is the practice of the Law Commission of fish?Law Ma fish is a famous Sichuan cuisine, spicy taste delicious, but also particularly of rice, then you know what Ma pepper fish approach is that right?What following small series to tell you what the Law Commission's approach is to fish。
Law Ma fish approach material Ingredients: a herring (head portion removed), pepper。 Accessories: salt, oil, onion ginger garlic, bean paste, starch, soy sauce, cooking wine。 Practice: 1, the herring washed, sliced fish, fish bones and cut into segments。
2, with the right amount of herring wine, soy sauce and starch grasp uniform, while pickled, about ten minutes, may be put a little salt。
3, onion ginger garlic are washed, peeled, sliced ginger, garlic cut garlic, onion cut into diced green onion, pickled ginger into time and put a few slices。
4, heat to boil, pour oil, hot oil burn seven, put some pepper into saute, then put ginger and garlic until fragrant。
5, then add the right amount of stir-fried bean paste, Stir marked up。 After Ma pepper fish approach 6, adding a lot of water, open water into the pot to cook the fish bone。 7, after the fish bones cooked, then put down the fish pot。
8, fish cooked quickly, down to the color white fillets and cook for half a minute on it。 9, then the amount of salt added。
10, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion can pan the dish。